The new Dainese Explorer range showcases touring and adventure touring offerings from the Italian brand. 

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First Look: Dainese Introduces New Explorer Range for Adventure Touring

Extreme weather protective gear sets new standard in technical on- and off-road adventure touring; Explorer range integrates Dainese’s experience developing bodysuits for 2030 Mars Mission

Dainese Explorer

Dainese, a leader in protective wear for dynamic sports, today introduced the new Explorer range, a product line engineered to handle the most extreme weather conditions and designed specifically for on- and off-road adventure touring.

From the glacial cold of the Arctic Circle to scorching desert heat, by way of Alpine passes and infinite lengths of road, the new Dainese Explorer products are designed to protect riders and passengers in the most extreme weather. Dainese Explorer sets a new standard for touring gear with the perfect blend of technology, comfort, and safety.

To develop Explorer, Dainese carried over its knowledge and experience from collaborating with MIT to develop specialized high-tech bodysuits to support the needs of astronauts who will go on Mission to Mars 2030. By studying and mapping the human body’s lines of non-extension – areas where movement causes neither stretching or contraction – Dainese has developed products with unprecedented lightness and comfort through advanced ergonomics and exceptional fit. Images

The New Explorer range now includes the just-launched Antarctica, Gran Turismo and Dolomiti products, which will be available in early 2019:

Dainese Explorer

Antarctica GORE-TEX® (New) – 
The new Antarctica GORE-TEX® outfit defines a new standard for motorbike exploration in the coldest lands on planet. Designed for supreme thermal insulation, this is the ultimate garment to face extreme riding adventures. The removable inner goose down jacket in the Antarctica allows confidence in the coldest, most extreme climates, and can be worn separately for continuous warmth off the bike. The laminated GORE-TEX® 45.000mm shell is an unequalled protection against the elements and, combined with the direct-to-the-body vents with Tizip® zippers technology on chest, provide the perfect ventilation in warmer situations. External Fast-Fit lumbar belt allows precision fitting of jacket and integrated Pro-Armor back protector without the need to open the jacket, preserving internal microclimate. The innovative Adapt® pockets on lower body feature an independent construction engineered to adapt from standing to riding position, offering an uncompromised fit during the journey. The upper chest G.O. Pockets® – a unique feature – are designed for quick placement of gloves and small objects during a stopover.
Antarctica GORE-TEX® Jacket – $1499.95
Antarctica GORE-TEX® Pants – $899.95

Dainese Explorer

Gran Turismo GORE-TEX® (New) –
The Gran Turismo GORE-TEX® outfit is the finest road touring garment born from the same Dainese technology used to keep astronauts light and comfortable during the planned 2030 Mission to Mars. Based on 2 years of research on the lines of non-extension in the human body, it offers the maximum comfort, safety and practicality for long-range journeys. The laminated GORE-TEX® 45.000mm shell is an unequalled protection against bad weather and, combined with the direct-to-the-body vent zip on chest, provide the perfect ventilation when it’s warmer. The removable thermal fleece allows confident rides in the coldest climates and it is wearable separately, to keep the body warm also off the bike. Nylon 6.6 high abrasion resistant fabric, Armacor® with Kevlar® inserts on critical impact areas and Pro-Armor level 2 limbs and back protector guarantee the Dainese highest safety standards, the result of over four decades of development and innovations. The exclusive internal integrated lumbar belt, pockets designed to be easily used in riding position without compromising the comfort and the new G.O. Gloves Outer Pockets to place rapidly gloves and small stuffs during a stopover are additional features that complete the excellence of the Gran Turismo, making it the perfect jacket for every all-weather road exploration.
– Gran Turismo GORE-TEX® Jacket – $1099.95
– Gran Turismo GORE-TEX® Pants – $699.95

Dainese Explorer

Dolomiti GORE-TEX® (New) –
Whatever the road conditions may be, the Dolomiti GORE-TEX® Jacket is the perfect garment to live fully all riding journeys all-year long thanks to its 3-layers construction and 3 different configurations for rain, cold and winter. Front and back panels make it a real vented jacket, stopping overheating when it’s warmer out.
– Dolomiti GORE-TEX® Jacket – $699.95
– Dolomiti GORE-TEX® Pants – $469.95