Well, the Honeywell Spectra material they’re lined with anyway: its ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene is claimed to be 15 times stronger than steel and 40 percent tougher than aramid fibers! Furthermore, says Knox, the Cordura denim in the main fabric of the jeans is 4 times stronger than regular cotton denim. Knox has been making great motorcycle gear for a long time, so why not hear them out?


What’s the secret to Knox’s most protective jean? Lining that’s stronger than steel, and just as comfortable as regular denim. For the design team at Knox, the key to crafting the ideal performance jean centered not only around protection and abrasion resistance, but also keeping riders as comfortable off their bikes as they are when riding.

Knox’s Brooke [lead image] and Buxton jeans are the first to achieve this, using a combination of Cordura® Denim lined with Honeywell Spectra® – one of the world’s strongest and lightest fibers. Made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, Spectra is 15 times stronger than steel and 40 percent tougher than aramid fibers – yet is extremely light and flexible. Each pair of Knox jeans also features Cordura denim in the main fabric of the jean, which is 4 times stronger than regular cotton denim – giving the garment a much stronger foundation.

the Buxom, er, Buxton

The fit of the Buxton is a classic straight fit with tapered leg and the Brooke is classic high-waist fit that is tailored specifically for female riders. The design is in keeping with the entire Knox denim collection, with a classic denim look – creating roadworthy protective jeans that fit just as well as they endure. Instead of manufacturing the jean with patches of Spectra in the seat and knee area, Knox has lined the entire garment to ensure that no matter where riders land in an accident, they’ll be protected.

The men’s and women’s jeans are designed with four key qualities in mind – fit, appearance, protection and convenience. They’re made to be comfortable for riders, while maintaining the level of protection expected of performance apparel. This means avoiding the embroidery work and pocket detailing of regular jeans – focusing instead on performance aspects such as dual-layer protection from abrasion. Spectra fiber also adds moisture resistance – ensuring that riders stay dry on the road – and makes the jeans naturally cool to the touch as the fabric pulls heat away from the body.

For added safety, each pair of jeans comes equipped with Knox Lite Plus knee and hip protectors featuring micro-lock armour technology. Brooke and Buxton jeans feature a unique system that holds protectors in place when riding, allowing access from the outside using a discreet zipper to avoid having to take the jeans off or pull the protectors from the lining. This also eliminates the need for additional fasteners, protecting wearers’ legs from irritation.

Knox Buxton and Brooke jeans offer riders a unique opportunity to enjoy the open road the way it should be – safely, yet comfortably. For more information, visit the Knox site.