In an open letter sent out yesterday, AFT CEO Michael Lock writes:

Dear Friends of AFT,

American Flat Track is now producing audience and viewership dashboard reports for all stakeholders – and they tell a compelling story.

These reports, the first of which is attached here and downloadable via the link below, help shed light on the growth and health of our sport, which is measurable by the size and makeup of the audience we reach and entertain.

In the three years since 2015 we have risen from 193,000 total season fans (event ticket buyers and viewers) to 2,695,952 so far in 2018 – and with five telecasts and four rounds still to go!

Our viewership and fanbase isn’t just expanding, it’s also becoming more diverse. Our regional fanbase is spreading, as well, and rider-counts on track this year are up, too.

We are enjoying an era of rapid growth: more manufacturers competing, more sponsors and supporters becoming involved, and better social media content ensuring our message gets out quicker and to more people.

I invite you to download this dashboard report and take a look at what we’ve all accomplished. I’m hoping it’ll inspire everyone in our community to continue the hard – and fun – work that will make 2019 and beyond even better for everyone – paddock, sponsors, AFT and fans alike.

Thanks for all your contributions and your support for AFT,

Micheal Lock


If you want to know more than you thought you would ever want to know about who watches flat-track racing and how, it’s all here in this AFT Metric Dashboard.