Join us for the International Ural Ride Day on September 8!

This special day continues a tradition of Ural riders that started the Ural Rally Day.  We’re happy to carry the torch for this annual tradition and share with the world, the friendliest motorcycles on the planet!

On this International Ural Ride Day we’d like to encourage our Ural community around the world to #sharethechair. Let’s set a record for giving as many rides to as many people as possible. Find friends, neighbors, coworkers, strangers, relatives, distant relatives, Russian sleeper agents, dogs, cats, anyone who would love a ride in the sidecar! Take pictures, collect points and win prizes!

Anywhere and Everywhere!

This event takes place wherever you are. It’s called International Ural Ride Day for a reason.

Go Crazy!

Highest scorers will receive a prize package from Ural. Best photos will also win Ural swag for wildest, funniest, etc. Each passenger equals 1 point. Earn 2 points for a person in uniform (policemen, surgeon, waiter/waitress, etc).Whoever wears a uniform on a Saturday could use a ride in the sidecar! Earn 3 points for a Russian who has never been in a Ural.

Earn the Stars

You’re on a mission. Channel your inner fighter pilot and earn a mission star decal for every 10 co-pilots you take along.

Remember Safety!

We highly advise the use of helmets and participants should obey all traffic laws.

  • Offer rides only if you have enough experience operating a sidecar.
  •  Keep ’em short, a quick loop in the parking lot or a putt around the block.
  •  Don’t go fast. This isn’t a race.
  •  Avoid heavy traffic and busy streets.
  •  Don’t scare passengers with risky maneuvers.
  •  Watch our “Passenger Safety” and “How to Ride” videos to better prepare your passengers.

Use your best judgment. Don’t feel confident enough to give rides to passengers? A picture of them sitting in a sidecar is enough to earn a point.

Mission Manual (aka what to do)

Register. Give rides. Share the pics. Submit the scores.

Take photos and share them on social media using the hashtag #uralrideday and/or #sharethechair and remember to tag @uralmotorcycles. Not on social media? Submit your photos when entering your score. On social media and still want to send us cool photos? Submit them when entering scores. The best ones might just earn you a bottle of Stoli…or something 🙂