104 Year-Old Lives Her Dream Of Riding A Harley

Well this is just awesome! Everyone has their own bucket list, and 104 year-old Elgin Skewes wanted to ride on a Harley, and she did. How cool is that?

Queue aging Harley-Davidson rider jokes in 3…2…1…

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Village Concepts’ Project Bucket List let 104 year-old Elgin Skewes fulfill her dream of riding a motorcycle with a Harley club

PORT ANGELES, WA – August 13, 2018Village Concepts, a third generation family owned business, is proud to help seniors live their best lives in retirement and assisted living communities throughout Washington State. At Park View Villas, their Port Angeles community, they experienced just that. Through their Project Bucket List program, 104 year-old Elgin Skewes had her wish to ride a Harley motorcycle granted. A caregiver and Harley club member reached out, and the Hooligans Bike Club answered, offering to help Skewes live her dream. The Hooligans met Elgin Skewes at Park View Villas, dressed her in leathers with her very own “Harley Mama” patch, and took her on her first ride in more than 96 years.

“I want to go my age!” Skewes shouted during the ride.

Skewes reportedly didn’t want to get off the bike when they had finished. Her amazing story was captured by KOMO’s “Eric’s Heroes” segment. In an interview, when asked what was next for the thrill-seeking senior, she replied that she had heard they made a hang glider that could be used with a wheelchair. For Elgin Skewes, not even the sky is the limit, and its thanks to the Village Concepts’ Project Bucket List that she can get there.