And not a moment too soon. You don’t need 98% of the world’s climatologists to tell you it’s bloody hot out lately.

H-D Press Release:

Made with HyperKewl lining, the Women’s Cooling Vest (P/N 97076-15VW, $60) and Men’s Cooling Vest (P/N 98215-18VM, $60) work by absorbing water after a quick one to two minute soak. The vests then slowly evaporate to cool the core and back for up to three hours on the road. Stretch panels and a snug fit let this lightweight vest fit perfectly under a riding jacket. Plus, it can be re-hydrated up to 100 times.  

Take it down another level of chill with the Men’s Dual Cool Cooling Vest and Cooling Kit (P/N 98186-17VM, $199). Featuring the same cooling effect and HyperKewl lining as the Women’s and Men’s Cooling Vests, this product steps it up a notch for a greater cooling effect. With removable inserts that activate in just 45 minutes after being in a fridge, freezer, or cooler with ice water, the cooling effect doubles. Slide the inserts into the interior pockets of the vest, and it’s ready to go. The kit includes four cool packs that can be reused up to 1,000 times and a thermal tote bag designed to fit into saddlebags for easy storage. 

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