Motone Customs

There’s a new line of custom Triumph motorcycle parts from Motone Customs, and it’s exclusively available only through Tucker (formerly Tucker Rocky).


FORT WORTH, TX July 9, 2018 – Tucker continues to build its list of custom motorcycle brand partners and is excited to announce the exclusive distribution of Motone Customs Motorcycle Parts. Motone Customs is all about commitment: commitment to its customers and its suppliers; to treating them as they like to be treated. To only enter into relationships that satisfy both parties; to source, manufacture and supply the best products and experiences they can; to design and manufacture products that satisfy both the emotional and physical wants of motorcyclists looking to customize and personalize their bikes; and, to use life experiences to achieve these goals at a competitive, fair price.

Motone Customs

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Motone Customs is owned and operated by two partners, Dale Crawford and Sam Wheeler. Both Dale and Sam have lifelong relationships with motorcycles. Dale, a Californian through and through, started borrowing his older brother’s Honda 50cc trail bike bored out to a 90cc. At fifteen, late at night, he’d ride up the Pacific Coast Highway to the canyons branching out from Malibu—alone and free. Sam, who is from Great Britain, got his first bike when he was sixteen. It was a battered CB360 that he rode as his only form of transportation. Humble yet bold beginnings.

Sam’s entrepreneurial spirit led to him living in Vietnam, a nation that gets everywhere on small 125cc motorcycles. Being surrounded daily by motorcycles and aftermarket parts, Sam started investigating where the parts are made and who made them. He found that there were only a handful of quality manufacturers and that they were simply reproducing replacement parts for the local market. Sam’s idea was to develop new designs, provide them to the quality manufacturers to produce and then to sell the parts in the West. After painstaking trial and error, he succeeded.

Around this time, Dale was looking for another opportunity to capitalize on his years of business experience outside of the US. Max, Dale’s son, was brewing craft beer in Vietnam and had become close friends with Sam. Max introduced Sam and Dale, and upon their first meeting, Motone Customs began.

It took over two years for Motone to design, manufacture and build enough inventory to open its virtual doors. Now expanding its offering, they use the latest technology to design parts, from clay modeling to CAD to 3D printing. The brand commissioned designers from England, Holland, Germany and the USA to help bring its vision to life. They’ve gone from small CNC-machined value-added parts to stamping out steel and aluminum gas tanks on a 200-lb. press in their facility. They injection mold knee pads and ABS side covers, and forge aluminum gas caps and exhaust flanges. The brand’s latest product line is high-pressure, injection die-molded, O.E.M.-quality or better engine side covers along with gear and head covers.

Motone has evolved from Triumph air cooled parts, to Harley Davidson Sportster Café Racers, to BMW R Nine T Kits. Soon, they’ll have complete exhaust systems for these bikes as well as seats and lights. Motone Customs, Dale, and Sam want to make it possible for everyone to own and enjoy a personalized, custom motorcycle they can depend on for years and years.

Motone Customs products are available from and distributed exclusively in the United States by Tucker.

Follow this link to view the online Motone Digital Catalog.

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