Vintage Motorcycle Days Swap Meet

The AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days Swap Meet is the biggest motorcycle swap meet in America, and who knows what kind of gold and unobtanium you might find there. Like that bitchin’ CT70!


Largest motorcycle swap meet in North America taking place Friday to Sunday

The Lynch family from Canton, Ohio, was among the first group of shoppers on Friday to enter the 2018 AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days Swap Meet, brought to you by Federal Motorcycle Transport.

The event is taking place at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio.

It did not take parents Tom and Melissa Lynch long to find a clean-looking 1974 Honda Trail 70 for their son Sean.

The Lynch family. Photo by Preston Ray

“I want [Sean] to grow up having an appreciation of vintage bikes,” Tom Lynch said. “This Honda is clean and a lot of the hard work has already been done to it.”

It is the family’s tenth time attending AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days, and the family isn’t done shopping yet.

“We showed up with an empty truck and a pocket full of cash,” Melissa Lynch said.

“I am looking for some of the bikes of my youth,” Tom Lynch added. “Maybe a Kawasaki two-stroke. The swap meet is great. There’s a great selection this year.”

Turk and Gordon Mason. Photo by Preston Ray

Father and son Turk Mason and Gordon Mason had not made an purchases yet, but the Marcellus, N.Y., family had put together a shopping list for the event. An AMA Charter Life Member, Turk Mason and his son have attended VMD for the last 13 years and bond by rebuilding and restoring vintage motorcycles.

“We build them together and ride them together,” Turk Mason said. “We have a farm down in the Catskills we ride at.”

“I found two things I want to buy already,” he added. “I’ll catch hell from my wife for buying them. I’m looking at a Rickman frame right now.”

Gordon Mason added, “We’re looking for Bultaco, Norton, and Ducati parts too.”

Photo by Preston Ray

The AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days Swap Meet, brought to you by Federal Motorcycle Transport, continues through Sunday.

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