If you’re not familiar with Curtiss Motorcycles, you might be more familiar with the company’s former name: Confederate Motorcycles. The producer of wild-looking, futuristic motorcycles powered by big, booming V-Twins, the company recently changed its name to Curtiss Motorcycles. With that change came a shift in company philosophy; the internal combustion engine would no longer be the driving force behind Curtiss Motorcycles. Instead, Curtiss will use electric propulsion to power its futuristic designs.

However, in an ode to Glenn Curtiss, who came up with his own V-Twin engine in 1903 – three and six years ahead of Indian and Harley-Davidson, respectively – Curtiss Motorcycles is finishing its run of internal combustion motorcycles by producing the last 36 Warhawk models as a tribute to him. The cost? A cool $105,000, but you can reserve yours now for just $5,000. More details, including reservation and purchasing instructions, on the Warhawk are available at the Curtiss website. Check out the video and photo gallery below for more images of the Warhawk.

Curtiss Warhawk from Curtiss Motorcycle Company on Vimeo.