May 31, 2018
| On 4 years ago

2017-2018 Polaris Slingshots Recalled for Potential Brake Failure

Polaris is recalling certain 2017-2018 Slingshot three-wheelers because of a problem that can cause the brake pedal to separate from the master cylinder. The recall affects 4,342 units in the U.S. and another 320 in Canada, and possibly more around the world. The recall affects the base model Slingshot, the SL, SLR, GT LE and the SL Icon variants.

Separate of the brake pedal from the master cylinder may result in a loss of braking ability, increasing the risk of a crash.

According to Polaris, the brake pedals clevis pin clip on some Slingshots may not have been properly installed. This may cl

The clevis pin (7) and clip (8) are what keeps the master cylinder assembly attached to the brake pedal (pictured in top left).

Slingshot dealers will inspect the brake pedal retaining clip and, if necessary, reassemble it properly.