No matter how good or fast of a rider you are, there’s always room for improvement. That’s just how it works, and Edleweiss Riding Academy can help you get better. Edelweiss Riding Academy has two new riding classes in Europe, with one in the Italian Alps and the other in Andalusia, Spain. Sounds like one cool moto-vacation to us! More info below.


Practice makes perfect!

Riding a motorcycle is all about……

being present in the moment.…
and training, training and some more training!

Motorcycling is fun. However, in order to really enjoy a motorcycle trip, safety is always a top priority when hitting the road. And safety doesn’t happen by accident. To help you being a safe and in control rider we have therefore set up our Edelweiss Riding Academy Training program. We picked two amazing locations – the Alps and Andalusia – where we will help you improve your riding skills in a breath-taking landscape and with good company.

Our Riding Academy programs combine two things: acquiring riding skills in a training area together with our experienced trainers and then heading out into the “wild” and practicing what we have learned on “real roads”. And one promise: There will be something everyone can take home, no matter what skill level you start from.

Riding Academy Alps


“After this extensive training you will look forward to every narrow and twisty pass road and will enjoy it to the utmost!”

Riding Academy Alps START/FINISH: Bolzano/Collalbo
 7 vacation days, 5 riding days


+ JUN 17 – JUN 23, 2018
+ JUL 22 – JUL 28, 2018
+ JUL 29 – AUG 04, 2018
JUL 29 – AUG 04, 2018
+ SEP 09 –  SEP 15, 2018
SEP 16 – SEP 22, 2018 

PRICE: from $ 2.990

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Riding Academy Andalusia


“We teach you about the most appropriate riding techniques; how to find a safe and fluid line, tailored to a challenging riding environment!”

Riding Academy Andalusia START/FINISH: La Envia
 7 vacation days, 5 riding days

+ OCT 07 – OCT 13, 2018
+ OCT 14 – OCT 20, 2018
+ OCT 21 – OCT 27, 2018 

PRICE: from $ 2.990

More information about this tour…