Longtime MO readers will know how highly we value the BMW S1000RR as a track weapon in standard form. Of course, production motorcycles can always be improved upon, and the folks at Full Spectrum Power, Competition Werkes, and Hustlehard Racing have a few choice pieces to shed some weight and add a little power. See the offerings below.

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Think your S1000RR is light now? Check out the Pulse IPT P.9 battery. Measuring just 5.9 x 3.4 x 3.7in inches and weighing just 2 lbs., it will drop right into your S1000RR. (The stock battery weighs 7 lbs.) It’s part of a series of entirely new batteries that are the smallest, lightest and most powerful lithium powersports batteries available today. Each one is individually fitted to your bike and has features unavailable in any other similar battery. Full Spectrum Power is the only lithium powersports battery made in the USA.

Pulse IPT P.9 Battery

The new Full Spectrum Power Pulse IPT line of batteries are the first rider-centric lithium motorcycle batteries ever built. Each Pulse IPT has an integrated battery management system for better performance and longer life, a reset button to prevent your battery from being drained, an advanced case design that resists heat, vibration, gas and oil, and a wide variety of other advanced features not available in any other lithium powersports battery.

For more information about the Full Spectrum Power Pulese IPT line of batteries, click the link above.

The Competition Werkes Slip-On Exhaust for the 2015-2018 BMW S1000RR takes off pounds of weight and increases performance while making the BMW look and sound much, much better. Made from the finest stainless steel tubing, it is welded instead of bent to avoid weak spots, just like a MotoGP pipe. Much more affordable than a full system. Made in the USA.

Slip-On Exhaust

Competition Werkes offers two types of fender eliminator for your S1000RR; the Standard and the Limited. The Standard Fender Eliminator mounts in the stock location, while the limited is tucked away for that racer look. Both are made of stainless steel and come complete with modern turn signals, all mounting hardware and easy to follow instructions that make installation a breeze. The best improvement in looks for the least amount of money.

Standard Fender Eliminator

Limited Fender Eliminator

To finish off the sleek look of your S10000RR, get the Competition Werkes Integrated Taillight. The turn indicators are built right into the taillight assembly and it allows you to get rid of those bug-eyed blinker stalks once and for all. Extremely bright and highly visible, another cost-effective way to make your S1000RR the best-looking one on the road. Comes complete with all hardware and electrical connectors and simple installation instructions.

Integrated Tallight

Carbonin Avio bodywork is made of carbon fiber reinforced with kevlar and is the lightest, strongest and most flexible bodywork available today. The Carbonin Avio kit for the BMW S1000RR comes complete with all the replacement panels prefitted with Dzus fasteners for quick installation and removal. The kit can be supplied pre-painted with your logos.

Carbonin Avio Bodywork

The TighTails Subframe for the S1000RR offers an extra rigid seating platform while only tipping the scales at 2.9 pounds. The use of 6082 Aluminum as well as heavy duty TIG welds make the extra strong/lightweight subframe possible. Any Supersport or Superbike tail section will mount up without modifications as long as the tail section attaches to the subframe from the top.

Available in brushed aluminum.

TighTails Subframe

One of the most overlooked areas of your motorcycle in regards to protection is your radiator and oil cooler. Placed right behind your front wheel, your radiator is subjected to any debris that your front wheel can throw at it. Whether you are riding on the street or racing, this is one key part or your motorcycle you should protect. Otherwise, you could be left standing on the street or lose that race.

Cox Racingroup Radiator and Oil Cooler Guards are cheap insurance against damage that can not only stop you in your tracks but also cause serious injury in the event of a crash. Each kit includes a radiator guard and a separate oil cooler guard that are easy to install.

Mesh frames are cut from .060 thick sheets of 5051 aluminum then precisely folded for each application. Screen material is made with .034 expanded aluminum and both guards have an anodized finish that won’t chip while withstanding corrosion. Made in the USA.

Radiator and Oil Cooler Guards

Taking your S1000RR to the track? Check out the Aim Sport Solo 2 GPS Lap Timer. The new Solo 2 is a completely automatic lap timer based on the latest GPS technology from AIM. It receives data from two satellite constellations, GPS and GLONASS, making it much faster and more precise than the previous version. Lap times are calculated every 2/100 of a second. The Solo 2 displays and records speed, acceleration and braking. When the Solo 2 is powered up, it automatically recognizes the start/finish line coordinates of the track you are visiting based on the huge list of world tracks stored on Solo 2’s internal memory and starts sampling and displaying lap times automatically. At the end of the day, you can review all the key information on the Solo 2. All of the GPS and ECU based data recorded on the Solo 2 can be analyzed with the Race Studio 3 professional software. Graphs, histograms and tables will help you understand your performance at all positions on the track. There is no better device to help you improve your performance than the Aim Sport Solo 2.

Aim Sport Solo 2 GPS Lap Timer