Aerostich App-Enabled R-3 Suit

Aerostich ramps up its tech in a big way with the new App Enabled R-3 Suit*.

Begin Press Release:

The all new version of the Aerostich Roadcrafter R-3 one piece suit now features an integrated APP.  Each suit has all the original R-3 features (zipper, pockets, TF armor, etc.), while incorporating an all-new proprietary interactive sensor array integrated with an A.I.C. (Artificial Intelligence Capability) mobile app. The more you wear this R-3, the better the APP learns your individual riding style by automatically monitoring heart rate, posture, hydration, hunger, stress and bowel/bladder/B.O situation.

Pairs with any smartphone or tablet mounted to your bike’s handlebars or tankbag to provide instant, real-time notifications about when to pull over and pee, get a bite to eat, wash the suit, sleep, work, spend money and even when to do smokey burnouts. Syncs with GPS to provide turn-by-turn instructions to nearby coffee shops. Also updates popular social media channels with photos and location posts. Perfect one-size-fits-all tailoring, for comfort regardless of base-layer thickness or how many doughnuts one consumed this morning. Hi-Viz Space Gray, with additional colors available by special order.

The App-Enabled R-3 is only one of the over 60+ all-new products featured in the newly designed and largest ever 308 page 2018 Aerostich Catalog. Additional new items include Aerostich Suit Storage Garment Bags, A Ms. Happy Puppet, Flashing LED and Halogen Taillight Bulbs, Women’s version of the popular ‘Sin’ T-Shirt, and dozens of other riding, camping, electronics, books and  moto-accessories — plus a bunch of customer-supplied photos, sidebar articles, stories, guides and a few ‘Easter Eggs’ to keep things interesting. The 308 page catalog is available late April and is free with orders, or mailed separately for $10 with an included coupon code good for $10 OFF a future order. A complete digital version of the New 2018 catalog will also available at mid-April.

*April fools