Danilo Petrucci will be forced out of his seat at Pramac Ducati at the end of 2018 by the team’s plans to bring Francesco Bagnaia up to MotoGP. As usual, Petrucci seems optimistic about his future. 

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Petrucci to change team in 2019?

Danilo Petrucci, 2018 Alma Pramac Racing rider and podium finisher, will be changing teams in 2019 – according to La Gazzetta dello Sport and a story picked up on corsedimoto.com. In an interview with the paper, the Italian confirms that this season could be the last he spends with the team.

“I read in the Gazzetta that I’ve already been fired and Bagnaia will replace me,” jokes Petrucci. “But joking aside, Paolo Campinoti and I knew about it: he brought me up to where I am but we knew this would be our last year together; that the cycle is coming to an end.” The Italian adds some more detail as to his contract: “I have a contract with Ducati and I have an option to move to the official team that expires in June – otherwise I’ll be out of contract.”

Petrucci also talks about his options before the current season: “In 2017 the temptation to go to Aprilia was strong; being a rider for an Italian company attracted me a lot.” Although he didn’t move then, the real possibility of riding for an official team remains intact for the coming year: “That’s the dream, but I think everything will be decided during the first races and I don’t think it’s very fair: if you sign after 3 Grands Prix, you do the other 15 with different motivation. What happened to Folger may also be something to do with this, it’s a world that puts a lot of pressure on you.”

Finally, the Italian talks about the coming year: “I want to repeat how well I did in 2017, but with fewer lows. In some race I didn’t understand the problems my riding style was causing. I like to ride sideways, but the Michelins are more delicate and I paid the price for that. A year ago I was worried, not knowing if I could make a step forward and be among the best. Now I worry a lot less. I don’t count myself as someone who could win the title, but I would like to get that win I’ve been so close to.”

Source: MotoGP