Fullhouse Garage in Sweden has built a great-looking custom motorcycle based on of the Indian Scout platform. The turbo-charged Indian Scout is a mashup of 1920s styling with modern performance. 

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How the Fullhouse Garage Shop in Sweden built this Super Scout with a turbo

Anders Lundgren and Lasse Sundberg have built this incredible Super Scout and the pair say it’s a tribute to the Swedish co-founder of Indian, Oscar Hedström.

When asked what it’s like to ride Anders smiles and says: “It feels amazing, like you have moved back to the 1920s with a rocket between your legs.”

Featuring a water-cooled Garret 25 turbo, the Super Scout was built during 2017 in their Stockholm workshop and now makes 150 to 200hp at the rear wheel depending on the boost pressure.

Indian Scout

Anders says: “We wanted to build a bike that was related with the Indian history of board track racing and at the same time included the new era of technology that Indian stands for today. The Scout model was the perfect choice and we came up with the name Super Scout to honour the old Scout models that were almost unbeatable on the race tracks.”

The engine, fuel pump, headlamp and shifter pedal are from a modern day Scout, but the frame is a one-off built from three sections. Lasse Sundberg (from Roth Engineering) built the frame up in-house and says it was the most difficult part of the build, surprisingly even more tricky than the fitting the turbo.

Indian Scout

The Garret 25 turbo itself has an external wastegate (wait until you hear it) and boost control. The headpipes and downpipes to the turbo and the wastegate are all in stainless steel and fitted as tight as possible to the frame so to not interfere with the slim lines of the bike.

Anders explains the rational behind mounting the turbo: “We wanted to give the bike some extra boost of power and to also show that we can combine an old school look with modern technology.”

The Super Scout has some seriously impressive electrics too. Anders fitted a fully programmable ECU and there is a key fob system with Bluetooth for monitoring engine data and tuning the ECU via an iPad.

The amazing paint job is by Pobben’s Colour & Custom in Hagfors and the colour is Springfield blue.

Indian Scout

Anders is excited for the coming months: “I am still test riding the bike and we are just in a phase to finish the engine tuning,” he says. “The Super Scout is planned to be a daily runner…if it’s not already sold by then.”

Indian Scout

Parts List:

Front wheel: 23 x 3,75” 60-spoke crossradial laced, Pirelli tyres
Front brake: Beringer inboard system, wire operated to front master cylinder (K-tech hidden)
Rear wheel: 23 x 3,75” 60-spoke crossradial laced, Pirelli tyresz
Rear brake: Harrison billet sprocket brake, K-tech cylinder
Front fork: W&W Indian leaf spring
Handlebar: Roth Engineering Boardtrack style, internal throttle control, LED turn signals in handlebar
Dummy Fuel tank: Styled like a 1920 Indian Scout. Hides all the electronics, throttle body, front master cylinder, etc
Fuel tank: Homemade by Roth Engineering, uses Scout internal fuel pump, and is fitted under the saddle
Saddle: H and F Mesinger boardtrack replica
Rear fender: Homemade by Roth Engineering
Front Headlamp: Indian Scout LED
Tail light: LED light under saddle, combined tail/brake/turnsignals
Engine: 1133cc Indian Scout 2016, sandblasted to an old-school finish
Radiators: From a Honda CRF450, electrical fans
Fuel: E85 1,600cc injectors, fully programmable ECU
Electrical system: Fob system with Bluetooth for monitoring engine data and tuning via an iPad