The MotoGP off-season continues with yet another winter test, this time in Malaysia’s Sepang circuit. For this test, Valentino Rossi will wear a special version of his AGV Pista GP R helmet, featuring a livery inspired by the art style of Mexico’s Huichol people.

The design features Rossi’s signature sun and moon motifs, drawn in a way to make it look like the graphics were formed from small, colored beads. AGV will offer the helmet as a limited edition model, though pricing and availability have not been announced.

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Sepang, 27 November 2017 – Just a few weeks after the conclusion of the 2017 MotoGP World Championship, engines and spotlights are turned back on at the Sepang circuit. These first Yamaha MotoGP winter tests, scheduled for 27 and 28 November, bring the fans another jewel in the collection of special AGV helmets worn by Valentino Rossi. The AGV Pista GP R produced for the occasion features a livery inspired by the symbols and colors of popular Mexican tradition.

The famous skulls decorated with geometric shapes and the artistry of colored beads piqued the Doctor’s curiosity during a recent holiday in Mexico, providing the inspiration for this livery. Its creation, preceded by careful research into the original methods used to produce these works, is truly unique.

“Huichol art immediately intrigued me, because it uses many of my symbols, like the sun and moon or the turtle” explains Valentino Rossi. “We have tried to recreate the effect of the beads that the Mexicans use to bring color and shape to these objects, but to do so with a Valentino Rossi twist. The helmet looks really good, Aldo Drudi did a great job, as did Davide in particular (editor’s note – Davide Degli Innocenti, graphics and coloring manager at Drudi Performance); he created the beads with a brush, one by one. We might say that the helmet has become a work of art, something we’ve never seen before.”

An artisan approach that ensures each of these limited-edition helmets is unique.

Born in the wind tunnel, AGV Pista GP R is the most protective helmet ever developed, designed to offer world championship riders maximum performance during a race. A perfect blend of protection against impact, comfort and aerodynamic performance, combined with integrated ventilation and hydration systems and an incomparably wide visual field.