For those of you who are tired of having your hands full while carrying your helmet, the EZ GO helmet strap may be what you’re looking for (only compatible with ratcheting-style chin straps).

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Meet EZ GO

The revolutionary strap for a safe and convenient carrying. From now on, don’t go without EZ GO. Fasten the designated strap with only one click, hang it over your shoulder and that’s it, you are ready to go! The Helmet stays on you always, leaving your hands completely free! No need to carry it around in your hands inconveniently, or locking it in your top luggage box, without knowing whether it will still be there when you are back. Giving someone a lift? You are going to need an extra Helmet and this is the easy way to carry it with you all the time, just in case. EZ GO is the perfect elegant solution, which even adds a whole new aspect to your ride!

Retail price is $19.90  U.S. readers can buy through Amazon U.S. to save on time and shipping charges:

Learn more at EZ-GO’s site, here.