The more we hear about driverless cars, trucks, trains and everything else, the more we wonder what will happen to us motorcyclists? Not to worry. BMW, Honda and Yamaha started the ball rolling with the Connected Motorcycle Consortium a couple of years ago, and others including KTM and Kawasaki are on board now too.

The group met last week in Munich, where BMW showed this R1200RS Connected Ride prototype – alongside a Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin and a Yamaha Tracer 900 (FJ-09) – all equipped with a common V2V system sample. The future may be here sooner than we think: By 2020, every ACEM member is supposed to have a production model with C-ITS capabilities, “Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems,” to allow it to see and be seen by all other vehicles on the road.

By then, maybe they’ll have it down to about the size of an iPhone, instead of the BMW’s somewhat bulky system. Here’s looking at you, kid.