Sena 10Upad

MO staffers are big fans of Sena products, but not everyone wants a communication unit mounted on the side of their helmet. The Sena 10Upad replaces the ear/cheek padding in select model helmets to keep the nuts and bolts of the system out of sight – and the wind.

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The 10Upad for HJC IS-17 offers the functionality of a Sena headset, but is completely invisible from the outside of the helmet. Take and make phone calls, listen to GPS navigation, stream and share music, talk to other riders through 4-way intercom and more all through the 10Upad. The new design is our easiest unit to install yet, simply snap in the right and left cheek pads and you’re ready to ride. The intuitive tri-button control is located at the lower part of the left cheek pad for easy access while riding.The 10Upad is now available for the HJC IS-17, and will soon be available for the HJC IS-MAX2, and Shoei RF-1200 helmets, along with even more models in the future.

Sena 10Upad