Yamaha FZ-09 Aftermarket Parts that owners may be interested in!

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Yamaha FZ-09 Owners

Yamaha FZ-09 Aftermarket Parts


Your FZ-09 Can Look and Sound Even Better



The Competition Werkes slip-on for the FZ-09 takes off weight and improves performance while making your Yamaha look and sound much better all at the same time. Hand-welded from the finest stainless steel and made entirely in the USA.

FZ-09 Slip-On Info

How Does It Sound?



Magnificent, of course! Check out the video above.

Fender Eliminator



Standard Fender Eliminator

The Competition Werkes fender eliminator replaces the stock rear fender with a sleek, lightweight stainless steel unit that comes complete with turn indicators, all mounting hardware and easy-to-follow instructions that make installation a breeze.

FZ-09 Fender Eliminator

Your Battery Weighs 7 lbs.!




The Full Spectrum Power Pulse P2 battery is not only 76% lighter than the stock Yamaha FZ-09 battery, it’s 43% smaller, has more Cold Cranking Amps and comes with a two year warranty. The least expensive way to take nearly 5 1/2 lbs. off your bike. The only major lightweight lithium powersports battery made in the USA.

Pulse P2 Battery Info

Protect Your Radiator



Nothing will strand you more quickly that a rock through your radiator. Protect it with a Cox Racing Group Radiator Guard! Manufactured without welding, the frames are cut from a sheet of .060 5051 aluminum with a screen made out of .034 expanded aluminum. Hard anodized for a chip-free finish and available in silver, red, titanium, black, gold and orange. Surprisingly affordable.

Radiator Guard Info