The PUSH Smart Gauge is more than just a lap timer; it’s a powerful (and relatively affordable) tool to help you get faster. Now some MotoAmerica teams are catching on.

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MotoAmerica Team Rhoades Racing / Farrell Performance Uses New Technology from PUSH for a Competitive Edge

Just launched in January 2017, PUSH SmartGauge already has a big believer in The Rhoades Racing / Farrell Performance Team. Team member Sean Kingsbury calls the tracker “wicked,” “badass,” and “the best value you can get on a telemetry system.”

The Rhoades Racing team has one goal for the 2017 MotoAmerica racing season: to get Mark Rhoades and Jody Barry on the podium. But winning in an extremely competitive series like MotoAmerica isn’t easy. The Rhoades Racing Team is always on the lookout for innovative technology that can give them an edge. While the motorcycles are equipped with multi-thousand dollar telemetry systems, the team instantly gravitated towards the latest innovation in performance tracking technology from PUSH Inc.

After two years of development and testing with premiere racing schools, the PUSH SmartGauge debuted in January. The product has been an instant hit and sold out in weeks. “We had all kinds of customers from racing schools to track riders looking to improve their performance,” said Craig Smith, President of PUSH, Inc. “The craziest thing was pro racing teams like Rhoades Racing / Farrell Performance who had to have our first units available. I was thinking, ’You already have thousands in telemetry,’ – but Kingsbury was set on integrating the PUSH technology, and their team found a competitive edge that other products couldn’t provide.”

“All current data logging technology for motorcycles is 15 years old,” said Kingsbury. “PUSH’s instant appeal to us was that it was non-intrusive to install, it worked with our phones, and you don’t have to be a scientist to interpret the data. And the drone view has no match of any kind, regardless of cost. We can visually interpret and analyze our line. And the ability to text the drone view across the country for immediate feedback from our coach is something we rely on.”

“If you’re going to get one tool to improve your lap performance, I recommend the PUSH SmartGauge,” concluded Kingsbury. “The everyday track rider will get more useful information from it than any other product, and its ability to visually interpret and provide immediate feedback is unsurpassed by anything on the market today.”

The Rhoades Racing / Farrell Performance Team has recently launched Rhoades Racing TV on Facebook with the goal of bringing motorcycle racing into the American home. Over 125,000 viewers have already subscribed to follow their season at Rhoades Racing TV ( The Rhoades Racing / Farrell Performance Team is looking for fans to be directly involved with the team’s racing efforts by offering relevant gear, products, and coaching services which directly support the 2017 MotoAmerica season. To check out the offerings, visit

About PUSH, Inc:
Craig Smith and Todd Berk, PUSH’s co-founders, are both motorcycle racing enthusiasts and engineers. They set out to create the PUSH SmartGauge to bring race-level telemetry into the 21st century and so they could shred their own personal lap times. Two years later, the PUSH SmartGauge is a true, game-changing training tool for track day enthusiasts and club racers. To see how Rhoades Racing/ Farrell Performance and track riders are getting an edge and improving their lap times, visit or follow our Facebook page: