A collection of nearly 100 classic Italian motorcycles and scooters are going up on the Dutch auction block in March. Click the link below to see the models being offered.

Begin Press Release:

Unique Auction: Classic Italian Motorcycle Collection And Mopeds

Because of the liquidation of a special collection of classic Italian motorcycles and mopeds, BVA-Auctions.com will be hosting an online auction from 4 to 8 March.

Classic Italian motorcycle collection
The online auction features about 50 motorcycles built between 1924 and 1964. A selection: 1952 Ferrari 125, 1956 Maserati 125T, 1960 Benelli 175S, 1950 Moto Guzzi Airone 4-stroke 250cc, 1962 Ducati Elite 200, and many more classic motorcycles for the true enthusiast.

Moped collection
More than 40 mopeds complete the online auction. These include a Kreidler Gebben motocross bike, 1969 Kreidler “Floret” K53/2NL, 1961 Demm Unificate 4-stroke, 1950 Ducati Cucciole 4-stroke, early 1950s Kreidler Amazone 2-stroke, 1967 Sparta Tour GA with JLO motor; all part of the classic moped collection.

The viewing of the classic motorcycles and mopeds will take place on Saturday and Sunday, 4-5 March, from 10.00 to 15.00 at 9 Katwolderweg, Zwolle. Bids can be made on the ‘souvenirs’ in the online auction until Thursday, 9 February 2017 at https://en.bva-auctions.com/auction/lot/25809

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