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Meet Guido Mancini, the unknown man who supported the debuts of Rossi, Capirossi, Dovizioso, Morbidelli and Fenati. The film, directed by Jeffrey Zani, is now available in DVD and download through Duke Video

MotoGP is a sport made of talented and dedicated riders, covered in all its aspects by the media. It’s the peak of the careers of ambitious men who worked hard to reach the top, but the path that they took to get there, especially at the start of their careers, is often uncovered or underrated. That ‘shadow’ often hides meaningful and romantic stories: it’s the case of Italian MotoGP legends Valentino Rossi, Loris Capirossi and Andrea Dovizioso, as well as young promises like Franco Morbidelli and Romano Fenati, who race in the Moto2 and Moto3 classes. What they have in common is the man that supported them during their first races, Guido Mancini, the unknown ‘guru’ that now, thanks to a 56-minute feature documentary directed by Jeffrey Zani, tells his fascinating story in front of the cameras and is brought once more together with his apprentices.

Getting his first taste of racing as an apprentice in the Benelli race department before becoming a tester and race for MotoBi, Guido Mancini is completely steeped in the traditions of excellence and innovation of the Italian racing scene. Over the last 30 years he has taught the basics of motorcycle racing to the most successful Italian racers of recent times, but his quiet and retiring demeanour means he’s virtually unheard of outside of his immediate circle.

The documentary, titled Mancini, the Motorcycle Wizard, is a fascinating insight into the humble beginnings of some of the biggest names in the history of the sport, the trials and tribulations they went through in their formative years of racing, and the influence of the magician’s guiding hands.

“I’m deeply impressed by how the young riders were able to face the struggles that such a demanding sport, in terms of finance and dedication, can ask”, says Jeffrey Zani, who in 2014 directed the documentary Morbidelli – a Story of Men and Fast Motorcycles, and in this project worked in close relationship with director of photography Davide Farabegoli. “Every rider shows his unique approach and tells fantastic stories that involve dreams and sacrifices, like sleeping in vans, breaking bones, staying without food and heat, balancing the fun of racing with the pressure of who aims to reach the top”.

Selected for the Motorcycle Film Festival (New York, USA, 2016), the documentary is now available in DVD and download via Duke Video, one of the main world distribution company focused on motorsports.