Stories of Bike is an amazing series of beautifully produced short films on bike builders and owners, their relationships with their machines, and how they became the motorcycle-obsessed people that they are.

Created by the Australian-based brotherly duo of Cam and Jack Elkins, “Stories of Bike” explores beyond just the creation and thought process behind these beautiful custom bikes, but also the backgrounds and upbringings of the talented people around them. In Jodie’s case, we get to witness the transformative power of TU, as she evolves from a chaotic life (counseling troubled teen girls) into one of total Zen – a motorcycle mounted “Postie.”

Sadly, new content has been few and far between lately, but incase you haven’t been aware of this series there is plenty of great content to check out. You can see a complete list of their films on their website here, or if you would rather you can also explore their YouTube channel.