Hanging out at the Verona Cafe in Italy, with Mr. Martini’s bike studio next door and all manner of hip Italians circulating in and out all day, this is what happens. The Diavoletto (“imp”) is a collaboration between Dainese and Dr. M, a Zaeta 530 DT with a difference, built to pimp some special new Dainese gear.
VERONA, Italy, January 25, 2017 – During the recent Motor Bike Expo (MBE) in Verona, Italy, Dainese announced a new project called “Speciale,” in collaboration with renowned international motorcycle customization brand MrMartini. The initiative features a new range of products inspired by a common passion for motorcycles.
Dainese and MrMartini share the values of Italian spirit, passion and craftsmanship, along with the capability of creating unique and distinguishing products. The Speciale name comes from MrMartini’s Verona café, a meeting point for all who share the passion for two wheels. The café is located next to the lab where Nicola Martini brings his creations to life.
Each Speciale garment bears a graphic that contains the following message: “This story speaks Italian, and it means passion. Passion for the future, for two wheels, for freedom and for one’s own work. This story is about style and protection, friendship and knowhow. This special jacket and special motorcycle are there, inviting you to hit the road, because while a journey may only last a few miles, it can tell the story of a lifetime—a special story.”
This is therefore a special story of passion, and the result is the Speciale range of items designed in collaboration with MrMartini, as well as the Diavoletto motorcycle, conceived by MrMartini for Dainese.
The Speciale Leather Jacket is a full-grain cowhide street garment, vat-dyed and subjected to a particular wax-based finish for a distinguishing look. It brings together Italian flavor and Dainese’s knowhow for style, fit and protection. The wax treatment contributes to the main characteristic of the jacket, a “pull up” effect that makes each and every item of clothing unique and increasingly precious as time goes by. The jacket features removable certified Dainese Pro-Armor protection at the shoulders and elbows, and it has a back-protector pouch. The collection is completed by lifestyle garments including the Speciale Sweatshirt and the Speciale T-shirt, both of which feature a unique drawing of the Speciale project bike.
This crown jewel of the collaboration of the two Italian brands is the Diavoletto prototype. Created starting from a Zaeta 530 DT, with the addition of unique details such as a saddle made of the same leather as the jacket, with a “tuck and roll” effect, the bike speaks the same language as the jacket, expressing the same passion for two wheels. It features a completely Italian style, and it exudes the art of knowing how to create a product that appears vintage but is at the same time technologically advanced.
The Speciale Leather Jacket and Diavoletto were officially unveiled to the public on January 20 at the Dainese booth.
“These are the stories of passion that Dainese wants to tell,” said Cristiano Silei, CEO of Dainese Group. “The stories of those who, like MrMartini, love something and make it magic. With this new range, Dainese brings back passion: passion for beautiful things that ignite emotion, passion for rediscovering the value of experiences that you bring with you, that make you who you are and that become a part of your culture. They’re stories of passion that you then have pleasure and pride to share with others. This is exactly what we’re doing with the Speciale project.”
“Since the beginning, Dainese has always been the point of reference, the undisputed leader, the ‘beacon’ in the production of motorbike protection equipment and more,” added Nicola Martini, owner and founder of MrMartini. “The peculiarity of the fairing is that the front depicts the shape of the Dainese logo, and the [headlight] of the motorbike reflects the same light, expressing in mechanical terms what Dainese depicts in the world of protection.”
At the Dainese booth, there was also the opportunity to discover the brand’s range dedicated to two-wheel enthusiasts. Inspired by Dainese’s iconic outerwear, the Archivio D1, Stripes D1, HF D1 and Lola D1 Lady jackets feature certified and functional motorcycling protection elements, expertly integrated with the use of refined materials and different finishes, such as garment-dyed or vat-dyed full-grain cowhide. Each jacket features an internal back-protector pouch and meets different safety levels for shoulder and elbow protection: composite protectors for the Stripes D1, Pro Shape soft protectors for the Archivio D1 and latest-generation Pro Armor protectors for the HF D1 and Lola D1 Lady.
The items from the Speciale project will be on sale in Dainese shops beginning in April, at the price of $649.95 for the Speciale Leather Jacket, $89.95 for the sweatshirt, and $44.95 for the T-shirt.
The new range of Dainese heritage jackets will be available beginning in March, at the price of $599.95 for the HF D1, $549.95 for the Lola D1 Lady, $599.95 for the Stripes D1 and $699.95 for the Archivio D1.