January 18, 2017
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Beale Air Force Base Adopts Superbike-Coach’s Advanced Motorcycle Cornering School to Train Members

The Air Force Safety Center in Albuquerque New Mexico officially approved the Superbike Coach Cornering School program to train advanced motorcycle riding techniques to its members.  The Air Force will provide training for it’s memebers to attend Can Akkaya’s school, which includes classroom and track sessions.

“I am honored to help members of the Armed Forces become safer, more skilled motorcycle riders,” said head coach, Can Akkaya.  “Highly trained Military personal gets injured, riding their motorcycles in their spare time, and the training they’ve received till today was not efficient. This will change now.”  Ssgt Taylor, Beale base California.

Superbike Coach has trained thousands of motorcycle riders using an original course of study that includes classroom lectures, skill-building drills, and on-track coaching to identify and correct bad habits.  Superbike Coach offers distinct advantages over other motorcycle riding schools:

  • Head Coach Can Akkaya is a former professional racer with decades of experience.  His lectures and drills are based on motorcycle physics and rider physiology.
  • Head Coach captures and holds students’ attention with motivational lectures, demonstrations, and individual attention
  • Unlike most schools that conduct drills on parking lots, Superbike Coach uses a closed track in Stockton, California.  This track includes corners with different geometries, and is the perfect environment to teach beginning to advanced cornering, steering, braking, and mastery of the mental aspects of motorcycle riding.
  • Superbike Coach offers rental motorcycles for students who do not wish to ride their own bikes during the class or in our track days at Laguna Seca Raceway.

More about the school:  Can Akkaya began rider training programs in Germany, where he was a professional motorcycle racer, test rider, and columnist.  After moving to the United States, he opened Superbike Coach in Northern California.  Today, assistant coaches and other staff assist with the schools.  But all operations and on-track drills are directly supervised by Head Coach Akkaya.

For more information, visit the Superbike Coach website.