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SpeedMob is Now the Exclusive US Distributor for HM Quickshifter
SUISUN CITY, CALIF.  –  JAN. 17, 2017

SpeedMob announces its newest exclusive distribution partner, HM Quickshifter. Effective immediately, SpeedMob will assume all sales and servicing of HM Quickshifter products for the US market. HM Quickshifter is known globally for providing the highest quality strain gauge based Quick Shifters for everyone from the top level MotoGP Teams to the street enthusiast. HM Qucikshifter features four standalone Quickshifter units:


The simple to use HM Super Light shifter kit with harness starting at $300.00 MSRP.


The HM Plus shifter with adjustable sensitivity and cut duration, kits with harness starting at $418.72 MSRP.


The HM Plus SS shifter with the same features as the Plus but also integrated “Seamless Shift” Technology which dynamically adapts ‘kill time’ and other parameters in real time to provide the perfect shift – regardless of RPM, load, rider style or gear position. Kits with harness starting at $512.60.


The top level HM GP shifter which features programmable kill times for each gear going up and separate times going down through the gears. Its HMSS system uses intensive and very advanced mathematics and digital signal processing (DSP) to identify when the gears have fully engaged. This nullifies the requirement for kill times and not only ensures the shortest possible kill times between shifts but also ensures the smoothest and safest gear changes possible regardless of the conditions, load, RPM, or gearbox characteristics. The HM GP models are custom race built per order with kits starting at $1099.00MSRP.


HM Quickshifters are available with OEM style connectors and wiring harnesses in fitment kits for most motorcycle makes and models. This makes installation essentially a plug and play operation with the exception being the adjustability of kill times, etc. in the various models. Shift rods and spare parts are also in stock and available from SpeedMob.

HM Quickshifters also offers shift levers with integrated quickshifters for select models (Ducati, MV and more). These fitments may require aftermarket rear-sets and potentially race-only shift patterns depending on fitment. Check with SpeedMob for your specific make model and year for more information.

HM Quickshifter has a 95% activity rate among teams at the MotoGP level and 90% at the Moto 2 level dominating the track at the highest levels. Contact SpeedMob today to find out more about HM Quickshifters ability to smooth out shifts, improve lap times and improve the ride ability of your track or street ride!


SpeedMob is also excited to announce the new HM Race Dash featuring GPS lap timing. The HM Dash is used in paddocks and on road across the world and has multiple functions whether you’re on the track or the street. The Dash is very simple and quick to install as it uses the original OEM loom connector, so no cutting, splicing or extra wiring is needed. Get the HM Race Dash from SpeedMob for $824.99 MSRP.

Advantages of the HM dash include:

  • Fits to the original OEM mountings with no modification
  • Easily changed for installation to another motorcycle by simply changing the back-plate
  • Intuitive and simple to use

The HM Race Dash offers multiple display modes:

  • Road Mode, includes all warning lights and gear position indicator
  • Track Modes
  • Lap timer modes, unlimited sessions and total laps recorded
  • Qualifying Modes

Full diagnostics: the dash communicates with the ECU to log all ECU faults and not only is the fault code logged (including intermittent faults), but the explanation of the fault is provided.

Configuration: the dash includes many configurable features,such as:

  • RPM
  • Programmable shift lights
  • Advanced fuel management system that gives you total liters in the tank as well as liters required to fill
  • Gearing setup where the front and/or rear sprocket sizes can be changed and the speed, ODO, etc will automatically adjust correctly



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