Our 2017 fleet of Yamaha motorcycles should be arriving sometimes this spring and that means we will have 26 more bikes for sale as soon as the new machines roll in, including any remaining R6s in New Jersey (NJMP). Currently, the only bikes in New Jersey are the almost-new 2016 R6s with about 1000 miles on them (some less!)

Here is what we will have for sale right after the March 20/21 ChampSchool at Inde in Arizona.

Year  Model  Qty  Location    Price

2014   R6        13     Arizona   $6,500  
2016   R6         5      Arizona   $7,500
2016   R6         5      NJMP      $7,500
Here is what we can sell right now.
2015   R1         1      Arizona   $10,500
2015   FZ-09    1      NJMP      $5,000
2014   FZ1       1      Arizona   $6,500
If you’ve ever sold something, you know about all the little questions you get. Below I’ve put together answers to many of the questions you might have, based on the last time we sold our fleet.  We are flexible to a point (not on price) but want to try to answer all questions ahead of time.  These bikes are the best deal you can find anywhere considering price and condition but are not all cosmetically perfect.
  • Bikes are all low miles.  Most 2014s are under 5,000 and most 2016 R6s are right around 1,000 miles.  Some a few more, some a few less.  I don’t have access to the exact mileage.
  • Bikes are VERY WELL maintained with oil changes every 1,000 miles. Any bike you buy will go at least 2,000 more miles before the next oil change is due.
  • Bikes are in WAY ABOVE average condition but are used, so some have imperfections. Overall, these machines are  better than anything you can find for this price.  The 2016 R6s are near perfect.  We will not be fixing any imperfections or dealing with any nit-pickers.  We had a waiting list in September and don’t actually have to sell them.  Our sale is meant to save Yamaha the money and hassle of picking them up and sending them to auction (where they will surely be sold for a lot more).
  • All purchases come with a free one-day ChampDay class.  If you purchase and would prefer a two-day class, we will discount the price of a one-day ($495).  If this is the case, I recommend the March 20-21 or April 17-18 Inde schools as we hope on being able to release the R6s around that time (R1 and FZ-09 are available any time).  Bikes are still ours so any classes before the release date will have bike rental charges.
  • Prices are non-negotiable.
  • Tire condition is luck of the draw.  All bikes have Dunlop Q3s (the best all-around tire in the world in our opinion) but these bikes may be used in the March 20-21 class. Tires are available to purchase as cash-and-carry (we will not be mounting any tires on these bikes as we will be swamped setting up the new fleet with new Q3s).
  • Bikes are on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • $500 deposit to [email protected] PayPal address is required for us to hold a bike for you.  If you don’t have PayPal, I can invoice you via PayPal and you can use a credit card for payment of the deposit.
  • Bikes will be assigned in chronological order based on our internal bike numbers and the order in which deposits are received.
  • Deposit is non-refundable if you change your mind or fail to pick up your bike by April 1 (or at least make arrangements with us for pick-up and payment).
  • We prefer cash or certified check (funds need to clear before releasing the bike so we recommend sending ahead of time) for the remaining balance.  If you must use a credit card or Paypal, there will be a 3% fee added to the transaction.
  • If we have to cancel sale for any reason (new fleet does not arrive in time or it gets damaged before the sale) all funds will be refunded.
  • Bodywork and race-prep installations are not available for bikes in AZ.  Possibly in NJ so ask us.  We can order painted bodywork for AZ bikes but it would be shipped to you and you would have to install.
**We hope to have pre-answered any potential questions but if you cannot find the answer here, please e-mail [email protected]and we will do our best to answer.

Thank you for your continued support.
Keith Culver, COO

The Yamaha Champions Riding School

2017 Schedule to date also found here:
Saturday, January 28 – ChampDay, Arizona Motorsports Park, Phoenix, AZ
Mon-Tue, February 20-21 – ChampSchool, Inde Motorsports Ranch, Wilcox, AZ
Monday, March 6 – ChampDay, Buttonwillow Raceway Park, Buttonwillow, CA
Tue-Wed, March 7-8 – ChampSchool, Buttonwillow Raceway Park, Buttonwillow, CA
Mon-Tue, March 20-21 – ChampSchool, Inde Motorsports Ranch, Wilcox, AZ
Mon-Tue, April 17-18 – ChampSchool, Inde Motorsports Ranch, Wilcox, AZ
Mon-Tue, May 8-9 – ChampSchool, Inde Motorsports Ranch, Wilcox, AZ
Monday, May 22 – ChampDay, NJMP, Millville, NJ
Tue-Wed, May 23-24 – ChampSchool, NJMP, Millville, NJ
Fri-Sat, June 8-9 – ChampSchool, New York Safety Track, Jefferson, NY (NYST)
Tue, June 20 – ChampDay, NJMP, Millville, NJ
Wed-Thu, June 21-22 – ChampSchool, NJMP, Millville, NJ
Wed-Thu, July 11-12 – ChampSchool, NJMP, Millville, NJ
Fri-Sat, Aug 3-4 – ChampSchool, NYST, Jefferson, NY
Mon-Tue, Sept 11-12 – ChampSchool, NJMP, Millville, NJ
Mon-Tue, Oct 2-3 – ChampSchool, Inde, Wilcox, AZ
Mon-Tue, Nov 6-7 – ChampSchool, Inde, Wilcox, AZ
Mon-Tue, Dec 4-5 – ChampSchool, Inde, Wilcox, AZ