Hey kids, remember when Sears sold scooters? Well so does Walmart, and we quote:

The Razor RSF650 delivers both unique style and performance to indulge your need for speed. This item features a 650-watt, variable-speed motor with high torque that can reach speeds of up to 17 mph and offers 50 minutes of continuous use. The bike is designed with a sturdy steel chassis and street geometry featuring a low-profile windscreen. It also provides adjustable, angle-riser handle bars with soft rubber, twist-grip throttle and hand-operated, duel disc brakes. This bike has double-crown forks with shatter-resistant plastic fairings for safety, and it offers a hidden storage compartment. It provides a durable rear suspension with a retractable kickstand and folding metal foot pegs. This item comes equipped with custom, 12″ mag wheels and street tires for a smooth, stylish ride. The Razor street bike is recommended for ages 16 up and includes three 12 volt batteries and charger.

And since it’s Walmart it’s only $599.99!

Razor RSF650