Press Release from Royal Enfield: The Royal Tracker is a complete reimagining of a stock Royal Enfield Continental GT, an unusually collaborative passion project by Royal Enfield Ambassador Sasha Valentine of Café Racer XXX and Sean Skinner of MotoRelic, with notes from the voting public, Café Racer XXX’s online community. In Sasha’s words:

The GT carries a soul and uniqueness to it, a bike that carries a rich history and has a fiercely loyal following. I started thinking about streamlining the look of the bike, upgrading some aspects and just creating a unique look.

At that time, Sean Skinner of MotoRelic had just released his gorgeous red, white and blue Ascot online, and I knew I needed to work with him. Once we got Sean on board, we decided on the build aspects. Our online audience voted on style, color and pipe positioning.

From there, Sean worked countless hours. People will be really impressed when they see this machine in person and hear that thing rip! Like Sean says, “Quiet at idle and like a beast revved up!” I wish we could give everyone a chance to take her for a spin.

The Royal Tracker is a work of art that will be on display with the entire Royal Enfield lineup at the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows tour in Washington, D.C., January 6-8.

Stay tuned to to follow more in depth on the build and its adventures.