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The NEW Outdoor Bike ShowCase by CarCapsule
Bike ShowCase

Indianapolis, IN – For over 20 years, CarCapsule USA has been the premium Storage Solution for the Car, Motorcycle, Powersports, and Boat enthusiasts worldwide. The company’s most recent addition to their already impressive line of premium storage products is the all-new Outdoor Bike ShowCase. Like the indoor version, this premier storage solution is unique in that it is a rigid standalone structure, allowing convenient in and out access into what will essentially become your personal Touchless bike enclosure for your pride and joy.
Bike ShowCase
The Outdoor Bike ShowCase is made of heavy-duty UV Rated Material that has been cold crack tested from -30 degrees up to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. Welded PVC Seams for strength and built-in D-Rings to tether the unit to the ground makes this Touchless cover a solid structure that will allow you to store your bike outdoors for many years to come. Heavy-duty Air Filled PVC Columns that support over 70-pounds each, create a standalone frame that allows for easy Ride-In Ride-Out access. A hooded fan housing uses easy to clean washable charcoal air filters providing a continuous flow of fresh air without letting in the rain or snow. In addition the Hook-and-Loop fastener lined flap covers, the nylon zippered entrance to further protect the vehicle inside against the elements. The Outdoor Bike ShowCase has been designed with a pitched roof to avoid the accumulation of rain or snow.
Bike ShowCase

Overall dimensions of the Outdoor Bike ShowCase are 108″L x 58″W x 72″H (81″ at the Peak). It comes with the pump, circulating fan, transformer, and filter, which is basically everything you need to start protecting your ride. Made of heavy-duty PVC that is resistant to chemicals and featuring an affordable operating cost of less than $1.50 a month in electrical consumption, this product offers users state-of-the-art protection by eliminating the dreaded FOUR–Mold, Mildew, Rust, and Dents. The Outdoor Bike ShowCase is the ultimate Touchless Bike Storage…if you park your ride outside there is no other product that will give you more peace of mind 24/7 365 days a year.
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