KTM is recalling the 1290 Super Adventure from model years 2015-2016 and the 1190 Adventure (including the R model) from 2013-2016 because of a wiring issue that can cause a failure of the braking system. The recall affects 5,812 models, altogether.

According to documents released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the wiring harness may not be properly secured to the frame, potentially causing to come in contact with the ABS modulator and fray. This may create an electrical connection via the brake line, ABS modulator and vehicle ground. Eventually, this can case the brake line to melt, leading to brake failure.

The problem was first reported in June 2016 with a customer claim filed in Germany. A subsequent investigation identified the cause of the problem, leading to the decision to start a recall campaign.

KTM dealers will reposition and secure the wiring harness on affected models. The illustration on the left below shows how the wiring harness was originally routed. Note how close it can come to the ABS modulator. On the right, you can see the wiring harness secured against the frame, creating enough separation from the ABS modulator.


The revised routing was implemented into the manufacturing process of 2017 models, so they are not included in the recall.