Allstate’s “Once is Never Enough” (O.N.E.) program is an awareness campaign created to help reduce the number of motorcycle crashes involving other vehicles at intersections by encouraging motorists to “look twice, because once is never enough”. Since it was established in 2009, Allstate says it has worked closely with local traffic authorities to install 179 Watch for Motorcycles signs in 41 different cities across 21 states at dangerous intersections for riders.

While the success of the program speaks for itself through the number of signs in the ground, says the insurer, the ultimate goal of the O.N.E. program is to empower the larger riding community, which is why for the first time, Allstate has donated and installed a sign on a fellow rider’s property at his request.

Longtime rider Jason Large of Jackson, Ohio, reached out to Allstate hoping for a way to protect riders on the major Ohio state route he lives on. Allstate was inspired by Jason’s desire to help keep his fellow riders safe, which is why he was selected for the special installation; the sign was installed yesterday, November 30.  The hope is that Jason’s persistence and passion to advance motorcycle safety in his community will inspire other riders to do the same.