Exhaust systems are one of the most commonly customized parts on a motorcycle, but sadly, major innovations in that department are few and far between. But British Customs just released a new series of exhaust systems featuring multiple patented, revolutionary technological innovations that blend design, craftsmanship, and material innovations. This new line of performance exhaust systems is designed to fit both liquid-cooled and air-cooled Triumph modern classics, including the Bonneville T100, Thruxton 900, Street Twin, Bonneville T120, and Thruxton 1200.

The new “Pro” line of exhaust systems includes the return of the iconic Predator slip-on mufflers and Sleeper slip-on mufflers with complete internal redesigns. Both Pro Series slip-ons retain their authentic retro looks and sounds, but feature massive performance and quality enhancements over their predecessors. Each exhaust system, like every British Customs product, is entirely made in the USA and from American-sourced materials.

Both the new Predator Pros and Sleeper Pros feature a one-piece body design and High Velocity Output (HVO) technology to improve performance, durability, and quality. For both systems, the entire muffler is one single piece of 304 stainless steel. The patented one-piece design is a milestone in design innovation, with numerous benefits including weight savings, structural integrity, and increased performance. An added benefit to the one-piece body design is that the mufflers do not have the ugly welding seams typical of other reverse cone exhaust systems, and instead have an elegantly smooth body from end to end.

The patented High Velocity Output (HVO) technology dramatically increases engine performance by improving the cubic feet per minute to ideal rates that allow the engine to run more efficiently, thus increasing horsepower. By pulling the exhaust out of the engine faster, the engine runs richer and thereby puts out more torque.

The previous Predator and Sleeper models each had a unique retro sound which has only been enriched for their new iterations. The exhaust tone of the new systems is notably throatier and richer, while staying in the realm of acceptable volume levels for most urban environments.

British Customs also released another new series of slip-ons called the Performance Tips. The Performance Tips are lightweight slip-on mufflers made from quality 304 stainless steel with retro-inspired body designs designed to increase performance and improve the bike’s looks. The Performance Tips help riders reduce their bike’s overall weight by over 13 pounds and increase performance with their louvered core baffle. Available in a polished or brushed finish, these slip-ons are designed to fit the Street Twin and Thruxton 1200 and come in either a Slash Cut or Drag Pipe style.

To make these unique and revolutionary systems possible, new materials and extraordinary manufacturing processes had to be developed. These innovations in materials allowed for significantly higher quality components to be developed, tested, and now offered to the public. To create these revolutionary new exhaust systems, a unique blend of time-honored craftsman techniques and new manufacturing processes had to be developed. The result is something rich with heritage, but polished with modern expertise.

Each of these new slip-ons replace the stock mufflers and can be installed within 30 minutes using only basic tools. For more information on how British Customs keeps even the most complicated upgrade a bolt-on application, visit the British Customs Resource Center. All of these new revolutionary performance slip-ons are now available on the British Customs online store.