Transport Canada has announced three different recalls for the Polaris Slingshot. The 2016 Slingshot specifically is being recalled for a problem with the brake pedal while units from model years 2015-2017 are being recalled to address problems with fuel line routing and swingarm design.

As of this writing, the recalls have only been announced for Canada but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has not announced any similar recalls. However, Polaris has posted safety bulletins for all three issues, suggesting U.S. recalls may be coming. The safety bulletins suggest the Slingshot SL and SLR variants may also be affected.

According to Transport Canada, the brake pressure switch on certain 2016 Slingshots may have been over-torqued during production. Over time, the brake seal may leak, increasing the amount of brake pedal travel and reducing braking performance. Slingshot dealers will inspect recalled units and ensure the proper torque is applied to the brake pressure switch, replacing parts where required. The Canadian recall affects 356 units.

A total of 1,373 units from model years 2015-2016 are affected by the fuel line problem. According to Transport Canada, there may be insufficient clearance between the fuel line and the hood structure. This may damage the fuel line, resulting in a potential fuel leak and creating a fire hazard. Slingshot dealers will replace and re-route recalled fire lines.

And finally, the swingarm on certain 2015-2016 Slingshots may not have been manufactured to meet the required strength specifications. As a result, some swingarms may fracture if the Slingshot were to hit a pothole or be subjected to severe stress. Slingshot dealers will replace the swingarm with a stronger part. This recall affects 1,372 units.