It may look like grandpa’s helmet but they are not – X.G10 and X.G100 take retro-style motorcycle helmets a step further by blending 50s and 60s inspiration with cutting edge technology.

All X.Garage helmets showcase NEXX expertise with Carbon fiber or Multi-Composite fiber shell construction – where every gram counts in terms of reduced weight and impact resistance – featuring Aeronautical Engineering and top level sport, technology.

X.Garage fit feels superb and ultra-modern, stuffed into a classic body crammed with retro details.

The 3D interiors are removable, skin friendly with antiallergenic and anti-bacterial properties and made with added performance X.MART DRY fabrics that keep the wearer cool and dry.

To complete the authentic styling and allow the riders the opportunity to customize their helmet, an extensive line of accessories is available, including 3 different color peaks, suitable both for X.G10 and X.G100 and 6 variously-tinted shields, stylishly tailored with optic leather bands and subtle branding for the X.G100.


If you’re after that Cafe Racer look then this is the way to go. Beautifully made, very light and strong, at 1250 grams, the super lightweight will quickly be forgotten about allowing you to concentrate on your motorcycle and what’s going on around you.

The dark exterior is contrasted by a deep camel color interior while the chrome trim and metal flake lines dress things up to create one of the most gorgeous retro helmets on the planet.