Leatt Corporation is known for the invention of the first-of-its kind neck brace protection system, the Leatt-brace. They have since expanded their range to include helmets, body protection, hydration, gloves, and even launched never before seen apparel as part of their 2017 product line.

At Leatt’s core is a commitment to give riders the assurance and freedom to push themselves further, and that is why they invite young, talented riders to join their family.

Leatt is calling all amateur motocross racers from the United States to apply to their 2017 Amateur Racer Support Program. Whether male or female, all amateur racers from the age of one and older is welcome.

Being part of the Leatt family means that you have commitment, passion and dedication, and it shows the world that you are both serious about your sport and your safety – you simply don’t accept half-measures!

If you are interested, please apply at www.hookit.com/brands/leattbrace/.

For more information about Leatt, visit www.leatt.com.