Zero Motorcycles is recalling certain 2015 DS, FX, S and SR models because of an electrical problem that may short out the anti-lock brake system. The recall affects 96 units in the U.S.

According to documents released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the DC-DC converter on the affected motorcycles may not have a sufficient power output margin. The converter powers the ABS as well as the motorcycle’s lights, indicators and instruments by converting the battery back’s 89-116 V to 12 V. Should power demands exceed the power capacity, the DC-DC converter may temporarily shut off.

The converter should be able to handle the power for the motorcycle’s high beam headlight, accessor power outlet, indicator lights and brake light. If all these are on and ABS is required, the added power draw could overload the DC-DC converter, disabling it for a few seconds. Not only would this disable ABS, this situation would also cause all vehicle lights to turn off. The effect only lasts from 1-5 seconds but that’s enough to pose a safety risk.

The problem was first discovered in May during development testing on future models. Zero conducted an investigation and identified the cause of the problem.

Zero dealers will inspect units equipped with the suspect DC-DC converters and replace them with a component from a different supplier.