September 14, 2016
| On 7 years ago

The Lazareth LM 847 V8 Motorcycle, In Motion

Back in March, we brought to you these pictures of the Lazareth LM 847, the “motorcycle” on four wheels, powered by a 4.7 liter Maserati V8. At the time, all we had to show you were pictures of the wild machine. But of course, when something that wild is created you want to see it move.

It took Lazareth some time, but the French company was excited to finally send us the video below of the LM 847 in action. Granted, it’s not the most exciting motorcycle video (ok, it’s pretty boring), but at least the LM 847 sounds good and can actually move under its own power – and check out that side-to-side sway when twisting the throttle at a stop! Visit the Lazareth website to get more details.

See the video here: