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AMA congratulates racers who set records at 2016 AMA Land Speed Grand Championship


PICKERINGTON, Ohio — Racers from around the world took to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Wendover, Utah, Aug. 27-Sept. 1 for the 2016 AMA Land Speed Grand Championship in hopes of setting national and world records.

“Racing on the Bonneville Salt Flats is the pinnacle of land-speed racing,” said AMA Track Racing Manager Ken Saillant. “Not only do competitors race against others in their class for AMA National No. 1 plates, they compete against world records set before them. Congratulations to the many racers who were successful in securing new records.”
The Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials, the AMA Land Speed Grand Championship, is the premier motorcycle land-speed racing event in the world. This AMA-sanctioned event, which also includes Fédération Internationale de Motocylisme recognition, offers competitors the opportunity to collect AMA national and FIM world records aboard machines from 50cc mini-bikes to 3,000cc streamliners.
The following individuals secured FIM records at the 2016 event:
The below records are tentative pending AMA and FIM certification. For further clarification on the classifications regarding displacement, frame and engine, see
Class, category, speed at the mile mark (mph), name, make
Non-Streamlined Naturally Aspirated,I.A1.A.I.1.250cc, 94.520, Charles Smith, Bultaco
Non-Streamlined Forced Induction, I.A1.B.I.2.1350cc, 196.096, Loretta Flores, Ducati
Non-Streamlined Forced Induction, I.A1.B.I.3+.1350cc, 216.486, Erin Okonek, Suzuki
Non-Streamlined Forced Induction, I.A1.B.I.3+.1600cc, 208.320, Kerry Alter, Suzuki
Partially Streamlined Forced Induction,I.A1.B.II.3+.600cc, 204.687, Patrick Lessard, Yamaha
Scooter (A2), I.A2.B.I.1.50cc, 54.971, William Conway, Malaguti Scooter
Non-Streamlined Electric Sidecar (B1),I.B1.A.VII.+300kg, 89.113, Kevin Clemens, Baker
Partially Streamlined Electric Sidecar (B1),I.B1.B.VII.+300kg, 108.499, Kevin Clemens, Baker
Streamliner Sidecar (B1), I.B1.C.VII.+300kg, 248.674, Eva Hakansson, HM KillaCycle
The following individuals secured AMA national records at the 2016 event:
The below records are tentative pending AMA certification. For further clarification on the classifications regarding displacement, frame and engine, see
Class, speed (mph), name, make
100-P-PC, 35.949, Jacob Klinedinst, Indian
125-P-CG, 71.839, Bill Conway, CanAm
125-P-PP, 63.267, Mark Taylor, Honda
175-M-CG, 63.612, Jaylin Billig, Honda
175-MPS-CG, 61.125, Jaylin Billig, Honda
175-P-CG, 66.061, Michael Cole, Kawasaki
250-A-CG, 94.525, Charles Smith, Bultaco
350-A-CG, 107.916, Steve Garn, Yamaha
350-A-VF, 49.319, David Harto, Cushman
350-APS-CG, 115.164, Steve Garn, Yamaha
350-P-AF, 96.469, Sandy Vetter, Yamaha
350-SC-AF, 91.752, Corey Bertelsen, Yamaha
500-A-BG, 119.369, Lewis Cooke, Yamaha
500-APS-CF, 55.847, Lance Bodine, Honda
500-APS-PF, 134.651, Cayla Rivas, Buell
500-M-CF, 115.529, Anthony Groves, Yamaha
500-M-CG, 113.274, Anthony Groves, Yamaha
500-M-PG, 119.151, Paul Bilton-Smith, Norton
500-MPS-BG, 100.099, William Woods, Honda
500-MPS-CF, 116.657, Anthony Groves, Yamaha
500-MPS-CG, 120.183, Anthony Groves, Yamaha
500-MPS-PBG, 134.722, Cayla Rivas, Buell
500-MPS-PG, 123.283, Paul Bilton-Smith, Norton
500-SC-AF, 102.702, Corey Bertelsen, Yamaha
500-SC-AG, 101.289, Corey Bertelsen, Yamaha
650-A-PF, 156.168, Alp Sungurtekin, Alp R&D Triumph
650-A-VG, 83.964, Richard Bargholz, Indian
650-APS-BF, 204.743, Patrick Lessard, G Force
650-M-VF, 58.156, Mike Becker, Triumph
650-MPS-AF, 171.74, Tymothy Williams, Kawasaki
650-P-PC, 92.857, Sherry Soliz, BMW
650-P-PG, 91.268, Steve Rogers, Kawasaki
750-APS-AG, 166.619, Dale Zlock, Suzuki
750-M-CBF, 96.823, Mark Hulstrand, Honda
750-M-CG, 130.725, Dennis Weinhold, Honda
750-MPS-CF,97.913, Paul Horner, Honda
750-MPS-CG, 137.699, Dennis Weinhold, Honda
750-P-P, 170.786, Wallace Williams, Susuki
750-P-PC, 100.781, Richard Magee, Honda
750-P-PV, 83.691, Stephen Clough, Indian
1000-A-VBG, 118.024, Jason Omer, Harley-Davidson
1000-APS-AF, 176.712, Jose Mateu, Yamaha
1000-APS-AG, 176.815, Dan Zlock, Kawasaki
1000-APS-BG, 169.143, Rainer Kopp, Ducati
1000-APS-PG, 202.842, Tom Mellor, Triumph
1000-MPS-AG, 209.772, Erin Sills, BMW
1000-MPS-CG, 129.181, Tetsujiro Honda, Honda
1000-P-P, 207.904, Erin Sills, BMW
1000-SC-CG, 85.604, Danielle Cote, BMW
1000-SC-P, 103.131, Petra Bier, BMW
1350-A-PBF, 156.562, Tom Minde Joergensen, Harley-Davidson
1350-A-PBG, 150.539, Tom Minde Joergensen, Harley-Davidson
1350-A-VF, 146.434, Dave McLachlan, Vincent
1350-A-VG, 141.682, Dave McLachlan, Vincent
1350-APS-BF, 240.735, Michael Garcia, Suzuki
1350-APS-PBF, 162.976, Tom Minde Joergensen, Harley-Davidson
1350-APS-PBG, 154.931, Tom Minde Joergensen, Harley-Davidson
1350-APS-VG, 140.668, Ron Leeman, Harley-Davidson
1350-M-CG, 124.762, Skylar Albrecht, Harley-Davidson
1350-MPS-AG, 216.496, Erin Okonek, Suzuki
1350-P-CG, 104.792, Gerald Curry, N/A
1350-P-PC, 101.83, Fran Carpio, Suzuki
1650-A-AG, 185.635, Jason Omer, Kawasaki
1650-A-BG, 218.217, Jim Higgins, Suzuki
1650-A-PG, 171.251, Jim Fischer, Harley-Davidson
1650-APS-BF, 243.329, Greg Watters, Suzuki
1650-APS-PG, 191.397, Jim Fischer, Harley-Davidson
1650-MPS-BF, 213.099, Simon Edwards, Kawasaki
1650-P-VG, 92.123, Bob Clift, Indian
2000-A-AG, 203.74, Mark Bjorklund, Ducati
2000-A-PF, 178.449, Mike Yurko, Harley-Davidson
2000-A-PG, 175.375, Jay Allen, Harley-Davidson
2000-APS-PBG, 202.902, Jody Perewitz, Perewitz
2000-APS-PF, 191.223, Jody Anderson, Buell
2000-APS-PG, 195.851, Jody Anderson, Buell
3000-APS-PBG, 241.983, Cayla Rivas, Harley-Davidson
3000-M-AG, 172.045, Jeremy Ragle, Triumph
Unlt-SC-W, 89.114, Kevin Clemens, Baker
Untl-SCS-W, 248.7, Eva Hakansson, KillaJoule Electric
300-SC-W, 108.502, Kevin Clemens, Baker
Bonneville is known for offering a range of classes for participants. From state-of-the-art, custom-built streamliners to less-sophisticated categories that allow racers to strive for glory on the famed Bonneville Salt Flats.
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