Press Release from Jarosław Gibas: The book is addressed to both motorcyclists and people not interested in motorcycling at all. The former will discover the relations between motorcyclism and mindfulness as the book uses the metaphor of motorcycle to help them understand many ideas from the area of sociology, psychology, mystique of Zen and Tao philosophy. The latter should look at the book as the easily understandable guidebook to the topics related to mindfulness: presence, lack of judgement or working with our ego. The capable metaphor of motorcycle is being used to make the language of the book more attractive.

The book consists of eleven chapters with each of them having similar narrative structure. It starts with the story based on the dialogues between two archetypical motorcyclists. Old biker (the archetype of Master) shares his knowledge and experience with young biker (the archetype of Disciple).Then the story takes us to the monastery where the monks are discussing each of the bikers’ conversations (meta-archetype of Disciple) with the Master of their Order resolving their doubts (meta-archetype of Master). This is followed by the essential content of the chapter being the author’s subjective interpretation of the knowledge presented in the chapter.

Printed version has been published by ‘Sensus’ in Poland in April 2016. Recently the English version of ‘Motorcyclism. Road To Mindfulness’ has been published and is already available in Amazon bookshop:

About the author: Jarosław Gibas – sociologist, former journalist and columnist, currently working as a teacher. Author of several books about personal development, spiritual and emotional intelligence and transpersonal psychology. Among his books are bestsellers like ‘Life. Next Level. Transpersonal Coaching’ and the guide for bikers titled ‘Motorcycling In Your Forties. Instead Of A Love Affair’. More information at: