Just a few months after Energica toured the California coastline, the company is set to embark on another ride. This time through one of Europe’s most stunning strips of tarmac: the Atlantic Road.

Situated in Norway, close to the cities of Molde and Kristiansund in the midwest part of the Norwegian coastline, the Atlantic Road’s sharp turns and wild nature is a great scenery for Energica motorcycles to show off their real heart.

Riding the Energicas will be multi-time snowboard world champion Terje Håkonsen and GP motorcycle racer Thomas Sigvartsen.

“First test drive of Energica Ego was surprising! I think I´m a little more specific about how the handling on the bike works, compared with a normal streetbiker,” says Thomas Sigvartsen.

“That is also something I think makes me even more surprised after testing this bike, because the handling is amazing! How the bike works from you brake into the corner, and how its accelerate out is impressing. The bike transfer the energy good to the ground, and that makes the bikes stability working perfect. I need to say as a racer, this bike impress me a lot more than I expected.”

“A great riding experience; easy to ride, amazing acceleration and energy regeneration. Insane acceleration!” continues Terje Håkonsen, “The motorcycle works great both for inside and outside the city. It’s great that you don´t have to use the clutch much and that you instead get an easy, smooth riding-feeling. Really easy to drive, and feels super smooth and comfortable.

Energica motorcycles are the fastest and smoothest bikes I´ve ever ridden!”

Feel the Energica Ride Experience in this new video:

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