The final round of the 2016 AMA Pro Motocross Championship took place on Saturday with a brutally-rough Ironman MX National in Crawfordsville, Indiana. The Red Bull KTM Factory Racing team prevailed through the tough conditions as Marvin Musquin ended the season strongly with 4th overall, while Dean Wilson captured 12th in only his fifth race of the season following injury and Andrew Short competed in the final professional race of his career.

Moto 1
In 450 Class Moto 1, both Dean Wilson and Marvin Musquin jumped into a favorable position off the start as they rounded the first few corners inside the top five. Musquin immediately went to work, powering his KTM 450 SX-F FACTORY EDITION into the 3rd place position by lap three.

After battling with Eli Tomac for the final podium position, Musquin ultimately finished 4th in Moto 1. Wilson went on to capture 10th place in Moto 1, followed closely by KTM Canada’s Kaven Benoit in 12th.

Moto 2
In Moto 2, it was KTM rider Andrew Short who shot out to capture the holeshot in the final professional race of his career to lead the beginning moments of the race. Unfortunately, Short soon experienced a bike issue that forced him to ultimately drop out of the race after the opening lap.

Musquin got off to a great start as he began the opening lap in the 3rd place position. After battling with Tomac, Musquin eventually settled into the 4th place position where he spent a majority of the race fighting off Jason Anderson. Musquin held tough to capture 4th place in Moto 2 and 4th place overall for the day.

“The goal was to finish the season strong and to keep 3rd place in the championship and we did that but it was a tough day,” Musquin said. “I didn’t finish on the overall podium but 4-4, that’s what I could do. It’s been a long season so to finish 3rd place in the championship is good for the first year in the 450 Class.”

Wilson didn’t get the most favorable start as he began the race in the top ten position. From there, Wilson put on a charge to make up some ground but a crash late in the race caused him to drop two positions in the overall running. Despite a hard-fought effort, Wilson finished 12th in Moto 2, where he ultimately finished 12th overall for the day with 10-12 moto scores.

Following a successful 3rd place season in the Canadian MX1 Championship, Canadian KTM rider Kaven Benoit made an appearance at the final round of the AMA Pro Motocross Championship. Benoit put forth a solid effort to capture 11th overall with 12-10 moto scores, just behind KTM rider Benny Bloss, who finished 10th overall with 7-11 moto finishes.

As previously announced, KTM’s Andrew Short competed in the final professional race of his career on Saturday, following many years of commendable performance and achievement. Despite the bad luck in Moto 2, Short put forth a memorable performance in his final race and KTM would like to wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors beyond professional racing.

Troy Lee Designs Red Bull KTM’s Justin Hill and Mitchell Oldenburg close out Pro Motocross season on a positive note
Mitchell Oldenburg and Justin Hill gathered for the last round of the Pro Motocross season at Ironman Raceway, both collecting top-10 finishes and giving the team a high note to end on. Oldenburg showed flashes of great speed in Moto 1, and rounded out the day eighth overall. Hill bounced back from a tough Moto 1 to score seventh in Moto 2 and placing him ninth overall.

The riders were faced with tough conditions at the track outside Indianapolis. After rain overnight, the track was tricky and line selection was key. Oldenburg was up to the challenge and knew the start was going to be key. He was in second for the opening laps on his KTM 250 SX-F FACTORY EDITION and ended up holding onto seventh in Moto 1. As the track got tougher in Moto 2, Oldenburg battled hard to a 13th-place finish, good enough for another top-10 overall finish.

“It’s been a long motocross season and I’m really happy to bring the team another top 10 finish,”said Oldenburg. “Obviously I would have loved for the race to have gone better in Moto 2, but we came out healthy and have all 12 rounds under out belt.”

Unlike Oldenburg, Hill has had to bounce back from injuries this season, but he didn’t let that hold him back in Indiana. He raced hard in Moto 1 to a 15th place finish, while ending the series with a seventh place finish in Moto 2. His second moto effort propelled him into the top 10, where he claimed ninth overall.

“I’ve really felt good in the second half of the moto, but still have needed to find that speed in the opening laps,” said Hill. “I was able to do a bit better in Moto 2, which we’ll claim as a positive way to end an up and down season.”

Results 450MX Class Ironman 2016
1. Ken Roczen (GER), Suzuki (1-1)
2. Justin Barcia (USA), Yamaha (2-2)
3. Eli Tomac (USA), Kawasaki (3-3)
4. Marvin Musquin (FRA), KTM (4-4)
5. Jason Anderson (USA), Hisqvarna (5-5)
Other KTM
10. Benny Bloss (USA), KTM (7-11)
12. Dean Wilson (GBR), KTM (10-12)
16. Andrew Short (USA), KTM (13-35)
DNS Ryan Dungey (USA), KTM

Final Standings 450MX Class 2016 after 12 of 12 rounds
1. Roczen, 584 points
2. Tomac, 498
3. Musquin, 401
4. Barcia, 360
5. Phillip Nicoletti (USA), Yamaha, 229
Other KTM
6. Bloss, 228
9. Short,197
11. Justin Brayton (USA), KTM, 173
17. Ryan Dungey (USA), KTM, 131
19. Wilson, 122

Results 250MX Class Ironman 2016
1. Austin Forkner (USA), Kawasaki (1-3)
2. Aaron Plessinger (USA), Yamaha (8-1)
3. Cooper Webb (USA), Yamaha (5-2)
4. Alex Martin (USA), Yamaha (3-4)
5. Adam Cianciarulo (USA), Kawasaki (6-5)
Other KTM
8. Mitchell Oldenburg (USA), KTM (7-13)
9. Justin Hill (USA), KTM (15-7)
DNS Jessy Nelson (USA), KTM
DNS Shane McElrath (USA), KTM
DNS Alex Frye (USA), KTM

Final Standings 250MX Class 2016 after 12 of 12 rounds
1. Webb, 495 points
2. A. Martin, 422
3. Joey Savatgy (USA), Kawasaki, 383
4. Forkner, 376
5. Plessinger, 351
Other KTM
10. Oldenburg, 237
14. McElrath, 132
17. Hill, 122
19. Nelson, 105
28. Frye, 25