Press Release from SpeedMob: SpeedMob is proud to announce the introduction of GRYYP, a global leader in emergency accessories and their patented Cargol Turn & Go tubeless tire repair kits. GRYYP offers a wide variety of tire puncture repair kits and accessories, ranging from tubed bicycle tires, motorcycle tube and tubeless tire repair kits, ATV tire repair kits and large automotive tire repair kits. GRYYP is easy to use, affordable and reliable.
The best known and best reviewed product from GRYYP is their patented Cargol Turn & Go emergency repair kit, which features a tire repair plug shaped like a car key with a spiral threaded tire plug. You simply remove the object that had punctured the tire, screw in the Cargol Twist & Go and break off the key shaped top. Then it is just a matter of inflating the tire.
Tim Calhoun, President of SpeedMob, states: “We’re excited to take over the management of this brand in the US. These kits are impressive and have gone through rigorous testing, passing both the ECE Reg. 75 High Speed Test and the DOT Endurance Test.  The final test results went well beyond the DOT test running 70 hours at 160% load at 70 MPH, they logged 4220 miles with no loss of air. I personally love the key shape so you can simply add it to your motorcycle key fob and carry this product with you anywhere you ride.”