received an unsolicited email from Nuno Henriques, an interior designer who has worked in four different countries (Portugal, Germany, Denmark, and France), who has now started his own helmet design side business called Hello Cousteau. He asked us to feature the Instagram page of his month-old endeavor, which you can find here, in the hopes of attracting the eyes of one of the major helmet manufacturers. Below is an excerpt of his email to us, explaining his reasoning for getting into helmet design in a little more detail. We don’t know where he’s located, but if you’re interested in his work, feel free to drop him a message on Instagram.

I am an interior designer (yes, interior!) that started designing helmet liveries a month ago. All this because I could not find a single helmet design on the market that I’d fancy. Most of them seem extra complicated and overdesigned, so I thought it would be nice to share some of my ideas. As soon as I opened the Instagram account and started uploading the helmets, I started to receive lots and lots of emails everyday asking for prices and availability of these designs.

Even though I’m not a helmet painter, I do have someone to make this job for me, yet custom helmets can reach four figure numbers extremely fast and my intention is to try to grab the attention of one of the big helmet brands. That way thanks to mass production, prices would decrease dramatically. This is my goal and I really believe people want new helmet designs, because right now most of the helmet designs on the market look the same.