This just in from the Yamaha Champions Riding School…

Self-explanatory: Not everyone can do the $1995 class and take two days off from work.  So how about one day and only $450 to get some Champions Habits?

Because we want to get Champions Habits into the heads of every rider possible, we have added a ChampDay program to the schedule at NCBike that will run in conjunction with the already scheduled two-day ChampSchool on Sept 15-16.

ChampDay will be on Friday the 16th only and introduce riders to Champions Habits in a rotational format much like a track day. Learn for 20 minutes, break for 10, practice for 20, break for 10, repeat. The reviews of this new for 2016 program have been off the charts!

The program is $495 but you can get the $450 price as an early-bird discount if you register before August 31. To register and see all of our events directly, click here.

Product/Sponsor Spotlight

Chicken Hawk Racing Classic Pole Position
Tire warmers

  • Fast and effective heat up, even on cold days- Adjustable temperature.
  • Melt-Proof inner liner (with heat sensitive dye to show mis-use or mal-function)
  • Operating Light- RED shows when heating and GREEN when full temp is reached
  • Dupont Nomex/Kevlar Insulation to keep the heat in and set Hot Pressures- Heat the entire carcass deep down
  • Built Tough – Codura Exterior & high impact temperature controllers, full coverage Heating Elements
  • QUALITY & PRICE – designed & built in the USA, these warmers are 2nd to none and is one of the most economically priced!
  • Built and serviced in house
  • YCRS uses nothing but Chicken Hawk Tire Warmers and feel the best need to use the best.
$50.00 off any set of tire warmers or Buy one get one free knee sliders for Yamaha Champion School Members
Offer Expires08/25/2016
Please reference this coupon when making your purchase