Press Release from Rally Navigator: Rally Navigator has added an iOS mobile Roadbook Recorder app plus Roadbook overlay feature. Capture rally route and waypoint details on your android device GPS, track distance, heading, voice and text notes, pictures, automatically. Syncs with Rally Navigator desktop for final editing including special stages, transits, detailed tulips, icons, text notes. ProduceFIAa legal roadbooks for cross country and road rally events.

New Feature Roadbook Overlay
Users who produce a Roadbook with Google Maps and head into the field for a pre-run can use the mobile Roadbook Recorder to capture GPX Tracks, along with additional waypoint info via Voice, Text and Picture features.When returning home from a pre-run, user can overlay this captured info from app (yellow line) on top of initial Google Maps Roadbook route (red line). User can compare routes, drag track points and integrate overlay details as needed.

The Mobile Roadbook Recorder App, Sync to Desktop combined with the new Overlay Roadbook feature on desktop software is a huge leap forward in terms of creating and pre-running roadbooks. I’m really pumped. For more go to