Aaron Colton is one of the most recognised Street Freestyle riders in the world, but he’s also a dab hand in the garage too.

Which is why he’s been customising a Victory Octane ahead of the Sturgis Rally in South Dakota next month, where he plans to let rip in front of the thousands of bikers attending the week-long rally.

He’s built the #93Octane in his home garage and says it’s shaping up to be a stallion: “Why am I building this? I’m building it because I want a bike that puts the power to the ground and I can shred on, “ he enthuses. “The build on the #93Octane is going to be pretty cut and dry, it’s not going to have a lot of thrills, but the components are going to be second-to-none and we’re changing the ergonomics more to the sport side of things. Once this bike is done there’s going to be quite a few playgrounds it’s going to be ready for.”

Full details will be available next week.


Builder Aaron Colton
Bike Name 93 Octane
Year/Model 2017 Victory Octane
Engine Make Victory 1200cc
Frame Type Victory Modified
Subframe Designed by Rodney Aguire
Bodywork Saddlemen Carbon Fiber
Exhaust SC-Project GP-1
Intake Ness Torque Box
Rear Suspension Ohlins STX36 Blackline
Front Suspension Kraus / Ohlins R&T
Rake 25.5
Wheel Front RSD Del Mar 17×3.5
Wheel Rear RSD Del Mar 17×6.0
Tire Front Bridgestone R10 120/70/17
Tire Rear Bridgestone R10 200/55/17
Brake Front Magura HC3 16mm / Brembo CNC Radial / EBC 300mm Rotors
Brake Rear Fullthrottle inc Handbrake / Brembo CNC Radial / EBC 280mm Rotor
Bars Magura X-Line / Kraus Risers & Clamps
Electronics Bazzaz Fuel Controller and Quickshift
Hand Controls Magura HC3 Masters/ Hale CNC Clutch
Lines/Cables HEL Stainless / Motion Pro T3