The new SpeedAngle GMOS JI100S is now available from SpeedMob Inc. This automatic lap timer and data logger features a precise aero-sensing 10 Hz GPS module with internal antenna that allows lap time accuracy within 1/1000th of a second even under heavy clouds, around tall buildings, on small tracks or in tight turns. This unit also features a “Best Lap” indicator letting riders know at a glance they have just turned in their best lap.

Speedangle displayThe SpeedAngle also offers data logging measuring lean angle, braking points and acceleration points that allows users to replay rides (log vs. log or lap vs. lap) with the user-friendly Replay and Analysis R4 Software. Laps can be replayed using Google earth or combined with camera footage utilizing video overlay software available from either or

Speedangle 1

SpeedAngle differentiates itself in that it captures both how the rider performs and how the bike performs. This essential data helps riders analyze their riding abilities and also provides an efficient way to measurably improve their riding skills. The SpeedAngle GMOS JI100S device is now available from SpeedMob at $489.00 MSRP.

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Hands-Free Lap Timer

Besides collecting and recording essential motion data, GMOS is a hands-free lap timer. In most cases, once you are on a track, all you need to do is power-on GMOS and it will take care of the rest. This allows you to focus on your performance instead of being distracted by the tool that is supposed to help you.

  • Auto track search
  • Auto start/finish setup – no beacons needed
  • Auto timer start/stop
  • Auto data logging
  • Auto lap report display

Best Lap Indication
Once you have a new “best lap”, the whole lap time display area will be highlighted for a pre-designated period of time. You know you have made another personal record at just a glance

Track Setting Abilities
The Start/Finish can be set on the track using the auto set function, or uploaded beforehand from a PC to your device. You can also download the Start/Finish settings from the device to a PC to modify them, add splits (up to seven), delete them, or save them as files.

Free Replay and Analysis Software
Replay your ride (log vs. log or lap vs. lap) with the user-friendly Replay and Analysis R4 Software. G forces are color-coded on the trace, lean angles are shown real-time with a triangle extending from the bike marker, and the motion data is drawn in line graphs. You can use the lean angle graph as a reference to find where your turns begin and end to offer an insight into your cornering skills. You can also open the Lap Time Report to see your overall lap performance.

Google Earth Replay
Overlay your data logs onto Google Earth and have your rides replayed 3-dimensionally on the satellite photo images of the track. There is no limit to the tracks that can be overlaid as long as they are available on Google Earth. You can see riding lines against the track border, and see the 3D model bike lean angle and acceleration just like your real ride. This feature allows you to compare your laps, or compare laps with other riders, much as though you are in a virtual race.

Driving Mode for Cruising or Your Favorite Twisty Rides
Feeling like going for an easy ride on the open road or to your favorite twisties but would still like your motion data recorded? You can choose to switch to Driving Mode. This mode shows your lean angles in real-time with an angle meter; it displays the max angles of your last three turns, and records your speeds, G’s, lean angle’s and GPS traces.

Video Overlay
Video overlay software available from product partner’s and

Easy Installation
The GMOS dashboard comes with an AMPS hole pattern compatible bracket. Either use the supplied 3M dual lock tapes to adhere it to your bike or use any AMPS hole pattern mount on the market for installation. The sensor can be installed with the supplied 3M tapes. No additional drilling or wiring is required.