Your Summer News & Updates

Happy Summer everyone!  As the weather heats up, YCRS has been slowly and carefully expanding.  We’ve introduced two new programs this year and have expanded to include a few more tracks.  We aren’t leaving our bi-coastal homes in NJ and AZ but are enjoying what have come to be known as our “away games”.  They add some variety and they say variety is the spice of life.

YCRS saleYCRS Motorcycles for Sale!

Anyone looking for a well kept, low mileage Yamaha sportbike: Our 2014 models are to be sold or returned to Yamaha at the end of 2016.  So in the case if our east coast fleet, that is immediately after our final NJMP school on September 13.  If anyone wants a great deal on an immaculate motorcycle, this would be the time to put in your request and deposit.  Here are the bikes for sale and the prices (not negotiable: we are not a car dealer and can easily just send the bikes back to Yamaha and wash our hands).

2014 Yamaha FZ1 – $6300 (Two Available)

2014 Yamaha R6 – $6500 (13 Available, 11 in Street trim, 2 with Sharkskinz Bodywork painted and upgraded forks)

2014 Graves R6 – $15,000 (This is a full Graves R6 Supersport bike that goes for $22,000. The only thing untouched with this bike is the motor, the motor is stock and this bike has the least amount of time and miles of any of our bikes as we only let “Qualified” riders try it.)

*All bikes will come with a complimentary one-day ChampDay or ChampSchool (full or half-day) to be used within one year of bike purchase.

**Please note, all bikes are taken care of up and above the norm and are very low mileage (most in the 3-5k miles range) with oil changes every 1000 miles.  Some have imperfections and we won’t play the game of haggle this, or fix that, or that has a little scratch, etc. These bikes are SOLID and you would be hard-pressed to find better bikes for a better price and would have to look hard to find any of the imperfections. They are used and are without any warranty. Some may have more tire wear than others as they will all be used for the September school at NJMP. All bikes are same price regardless of condition…but the condition is excellent.

***Sales are first come, first serve. If you want to get “dibs” on one of them, make an appointment to come down to the shop, pick one out, and leave a non-refundable $500 deposit or just leave a deposit and we’ll pick one for you. There is VERY little difference between any of them. Final date for purchase before losing your deposit will be September 14.


YCRS has been racing this summer, hopping into competition between schools.

Our superstar Kyle Wyman jumped into the deep end this year with a Superbike program in the MotoAmerica series and although he is on a low budget program, can often be found fighting for the top five in the premier class.

YCRS sponsored rider and student Anthony Mazziotto is currently fighting for the overall RC390 Cup championship which will be decided at the final round September 10-11 at New Jersey Motorsports Park.

Not to be shown up by the kids, old man Nick Ienatsch came back to NJMP for the AHRMA weekend to defend his 2015 perfect weekend score and did not disappoint. Nick won all four of the races he entered and even chased the leaders of the late model classes on his 39 year old TZ750.

Nick dragged along Crew Chief Keith Culver who hasn’t raced in a few years and got him a borrowed SV650. Not wanting to be bored, Keith raced that little SV up a class and almost got on the podium against Triumph 675Rs, Ducati 848s and 1000s as well as running at the front of the SOC3 class until it was found that the GSXR forks on the borrowed SV were not legal for the class. “Oh well,” Keith said, “I was just here for fun and feel good that I could run up front with street tires instead of race tires. Man those Dunlop Q3’s are awesome!”

YCRS graduates and guest coaches Brian Smith, Robert Schmidle, and Rob Cichielo joined the YCRS gang for the AHRMA races and helped make it a hugely fun weekend in the YCRS garage. Multi-time graduate Nate Kern was at the front all weekend as well. Nate was also on a motorcycle that had no business being out there against full race bikes but Champions Habits helped him navigate to the front of every race on a basic street bike. We had dozens of grads racing that weekend and it was a tradition we look forward to.

Last week, YCRS Instructors Chris Peris and Ben Walters went to Pitt Race for the Inaugural combined N2/WERA Endurance race and finished third after being 10 laps down due to a front suspension problem causing an early race crash. This is the first endurance race this team has not won in two years but a great example of how Champions Lap (a YCRS drill) can make a difference. Chris Peris was able to pick up a damaged motorcycle in turn one, and quickly complete the lap and return to the lap for repairs, and then make up seven of their 10 lap deficit.

Also during this WERA/ Pitt Race/ N2 Racing weekend, Eziah Davis and a bunch of N2 grads got on the podium at the endurance race and YCRS instructor CJ LaRoche went three-for-four with a second-place in the fourth race. All through the YCRS family, our instruction is being put to the ultimate test, with tremendous results.

Programs, What Programs?


“ChampSchool” is our bread and butter, our “staple” in the world of motorcycle training.  ChampSchool is our $1995, two-day class that has been around since the Freddie days and is known as the top-tier rider training program in the US.   Since bringing the school to NJ in 2014 our goal has been to get a monthly ChampSchool consistently sold out so we could put some concentration on the new programs.  To date, ChampSchool has been sold out and on a waiting list for ten months in a row.

In August, we are trying to take ChampSchool to New York Safety Track and offer it in a full BYOB (Bring Your Own Bike) program Aug 15-16. This is a big deal to us because typically over half of our ChampSchool students rent our bikes and gear. We are over half filled and with about three weeks to go and have an internal cut-off date of August 1 to decide if we have enough interest to make this full program run. If anyone is interested: don’t  procrastinate!! You could end up missing out.

In September, we have a ChampSchool scheduled for NCBIKE Thursday and Friday the 15-16th and are excited to finally be able to work with Sam True at his great facility. Sam and YCRS have been interested in working with each other for the past few years and hope to gain the interest needed to make this event happen. Like NYST, this program will be based on rider count and is not official until we get 12 riders. If you are interested, we suggest registering and if it doesn’t work out, you will get a full refund.

For both New York and North Carolina we say this: You have repeatedly asked when YCRS will come to your track. We want to come to you but the requests must turn into registrations.  Let’s get these both filled and help spread the gospel of Champions Habits to more riders in more areas.


ChampDay is Eight Hours of Champions Habits!

“ChampDay” is ChampSchool light. A single-day track oriented “Intro to Champions Habit” program. Think of a track day where you have three 20 minute rotations.  Usually, you’re just sitting around for the other 40 minutes. At ChampDay, you spend 20 minutes learning Champions Habits from the best instructors in the US, 20 minutes practicing them on the track, and two 10 minute breaks in between.

We’ve run one ChampDay in Phoenix this past March with huge success and then three at NJMP this season with more success, plus a sold-out ChampDay in Colorado.  For the first year, we are ecstatic in the results and plan on attaching a ChampDay to as many of our ChampSchools as possible.  We’ve also added a street riders group to ChampDay so street riders without track gear can come and be introduced to these Champions Habits, just at a lower speed. For the money, $495, it may be the best value available for rider training.

ChampDay is on the table for North Carolina (NCBIKE) in September if the interest turns out to be higher than for the currently scheduled ChampSchool.  It is nice to be able to be flexible.


ChampStreet is a must-do for all street riders…

“ChampStreet” is our third program and the one we feel can have the most impact to the most number of riders and even save the most amount of lives. ChampStreet is typically a half day, $250 program that is based on Nick Ienatsch’s Sunset Clinic in Colorado and the basis for the Rider Essential Skills Program (REST) we developed for the US Marine Corps.  ChampStreet literally teaches ALL riders on ANY motorcycle for ANY road how the techniques developed by the best riders/racers in the world apply to everyone and can give every rider more control over their motorcycle.  Parking lot, go-kart track, race track, road course,  military base, helicopter landing zone, old airport, you name it and YCRS can turn it into a ChampStreet safety course that can change a rider’s life for the better.

ChampStreet is being offered on September 12, 2016 at New Jersey Motorsports Park in conjunction with our final ChampSchool of the NJMP season. We think this event can be huge. We will use the giant paddock at Lightning along with their combined 1.1 mile karting track and then meander over to the 1.4 mile Lighting course (in the same paddock) in a four-hour street riders program that should be our best yet.

After NJMP, we think we should have something put together for Arizona Motorsports Park in November or December where ChampStreet was born. Phoenix riders and the XCel trackday folks: we’re coming back!

ProsWhat’s Next?

As we start to think about the end of the east-coast season we’re ramping up our west-coast programs. With four schools to run in the next eight weeks, 16 motorcycles to sell, two new FZ-10s to assemble and break in, we know that the 21 turns of Inde Motorsports Ranch are ready and waiting for an amazing winter!

Why do we need to look at Inde starting in October when it’s only August? Because the October ChampSchool is already sold out. That’s right, a small group came last year and then went on a ride in Europe where everyone rode the best they have ever ridden. They came back and told their friends they had to come to YCRS, so they are buying out the remaining seats in the October class. Don’t worry, we still have November and December open as well with 2017 discussions in progress. With this momentum, I recommend not waiting, you only need a 50% deposit to hold a spot until 30 days out.

Between now and then, we have a two-day ChampSchool with open spots at New York Safety Track Aug 15-16. New York Safety Track is a 2.1 Mile, 18 turn road course with 450 feet of elevation change in the beautiful rolling hills of New York State only a few hours from New York City. Anyone needing to cool off but still want to ride we think the hills of New York State may be just what the doctor ordered. If you are a graduate and may be interested but don’t have a bike to ride, reach out as we think we might be able to squeeze a few extra in the trailer for you.

YCRS will be in full effect at the final round of the MotoAmerica series. We are working with NJMP and MotoAmerica to schedule some stage time to talk about Champions Habits and how they can apply to all kinds of riding. We are working with Yamaha, who is the title sponsor of the weekend, to perform some ChampStreet Clinics for their R1-M owners VIP Experience. We are also working with Yamaha to have some racers as guest instructors. So far, we have Cameron Beaubier and JD Beach as guest instructors, and Garrett Gerloff on deck. We also have Josh Hayes’ Race Technician and two Yamaha Racing Engineers attending as students. This is going to be a really cool school to attend. We’ve even put the pressure on Yamaha to ask Chuck Graves, Tom Halverson, and Keith McCarty to attend as students. What better way to show how good the program is than to share it with the most dominant forces in American Road Racing.

After NJMP, we will head down to NCBIKE for our above-mentioned school in this great location and then head west for the winter and fire up the fleet at inde Motorsports Ranch as well as the west coast demo program. If you are in the area of NCBike and would rather us run a single day $495 ChampDay, reach out and let us know. This is an experiment and we want your feedback to help decide the best course of action. After all, it is all about the customers!

Remaining 2016 Schedule (2017 Schedule currently in negotiation process):

Don’t forget if you can’t make this schedule, YCRS offers Champions Instruction in private/semi private formats. For roughly $1500 per day, you can hire a YCRS coach to come to you’re track day and work with you or come out to Inde Motorsports and work with track record holder Chris Peris. I know this program has Ben Walters very busy on the east coast this summer and it appears to be getting more and more popular. While we will work with anyone, these private lessons work best with students who have already been through a standard YCRS class.

We at YCRS thank you for your continued support in helping us with our goal, to make safer riders all over the country by teaching them Champions Habits. Please plan to join us in one of our adventures as YCRS continues to grow and expand the number of riders becoming faster AND safer.

-The YCRS Crew